Paul Newman Rolex Daytona

How Paul Newman Made the Rolex Daytona the Epitome of Cool

In the early 1970s almost no one wanted Daytonas. Now Jay-Z gives them out as party favors.

The Personal Luxury Goods Market amid COVID-19

1stDibs dealers discuss the challenges of this unprecedented time, and the signs of hope.
shape watches

Timepiece Trendspotting: Unique Watch Shapes Are on the Rise

Tonneaus, squares and other intriguing watch shapes tempt us to take the road less traveled. Before you buy another timepiece, consider the possibilities.

Why Vintage Watches Are Making a Comeback

Men, women and the watchmakers themselves are falling for the old-fashioned charm of retro timepieces.

For Watch Dials, Blue Is the Hottest Color Right Now

Trust us — traditional white or basic black may feel like a more versatile option, but a timepiece with an eye-catching blue face is your new wardrobe MVP.

How to Tell If a Watch Was Actually Made in Geneva

Just because the dial says Geneva — or the alluring French version of the city's name, Genève — it doesn’t mean your timepiece was crafted in the watchmaking capital.

Why More Women Are Wearing Men’s Watches

Ladies in the know are turning to haute masculine timepieces for quality, durability and serious style.

Watch Aficionado Anish Bhatt Is a Global Instagram Sensation

Building a wardrobe of fine timepieces? Horology’s best-dressed man lays out his advice for nailing your personal style.

7 Luxury Watch Experts on Why They’re Not Worried About the Apple Watch

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