When It Comes to Jewelry, What Is a Parure?

You might not be familiar with the term, but these sparkly suites are sought after by collectors.

How to Tell If a Watch Was Actually Made in Geneva

Just because the dial says Geneva — or the alluring French version of the city's name, Genève — it doesn’t mean your timepiece was crafted in the watchmaking capital.

12 Rooms Where Warm and Wonderful Wood Paneling Gets a Fresh Take

With the push toward earth-friendly interiors, wood-paneled walls are having a moment. Once associated with formal libraries and dark drawing rooms, wood walls today can feel fresh, clean and connected to the copse outside the window. What’s more, their grained patterns and rich coloration give spaces a distinctive flair. 
Schiaparelli spider web necklace

This Schiaparelli Spiderweb Necklace Is Frightfully Alluring

It’s ideal for Halloween — or any festive occasion that calls for a dramatic statement.

The Ultimate Guide to Types of Tables for the Home

Whether you’re just moving in or ready to give your home a makeover, our guide will give you pointers on tables that are fitting for every room, nook and hallway.
Bucellatti 18K yellow-gold leaf earrings

What Made the Italian Luxury-Jewelry Brand Buccellati So Famous?

Benchmark of Palm Beach weighs in on the "Prince of Goldsmiths."
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Michael Coffey Stirs Emotions with Works Like His Satan’s Tongue Table

Drawing on both artistry and clever engineering, the master craftsman imbues his pieces with movement and drama.

How to Spot a Fake YSL Bag

Counterfeiters know that savvy fashionistas cherish YSL bags. Learn how to tell if yours is the real deal. Of course, you don't have to worry about that on 1stDibs, where every seller is highly vetted.
Gucci Cosmos

Explore a Century of Gucci Fashion in London

The iconic Italian label’s traveling exhibition has just arrived in London.

In This Surreal Painting, the Pink Foot of Patriarchy Squashes a Pumpkin Worshipped by Women

In ‘Gourd,’ Isabel Rock creates a mythic scene that looks fresh and contemporary but feels as old as Eden.
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