Preview Amy Lau’s Art Nouveau Living Room for the Salon Art + Design

The interior designer's curated space mixes antiques and contemporary works that nod to the lively turn-of-the-century arts movement.

Frighteningly Beautiful Memento Mori and Mourning Jewelry

Considering your fate and honoring the dead are the messages behind these centuries-old styles.

21 Spiral Staircases That Will Make Your Head Spin

It’s not just efficiency designers are after when creating these circling steps. Whether minimal and industrial, opulent or traditional, the spiral staircase can be a dazzling decorative addition to the home.

How to Decorate with Lucite Furniture

Interior designers share their advice for working this chic, clear material into home decor.

15 Interiors That Stylishly Display Collections

Whether it's a collection of modern art or ancient pottery, the tricky part is properly showing it off, and the designers of these spaces nailed it.
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models in bath house

Photographer to Know: Deborah Turbeville

Find out why she shot "eerie" fashion photos – on purpose.

What to Know about Black Diamonds (They’re Not All Cursed)

This mysterious gem isn't for everyone, and that's part of the appeal.

Why More Women Are Wearing Men’s Watches

Ladies in the know are turning to haute masculine timepieces for quality, durability and serious style.

Tips for Decorating with Pumpkin Spice, er, Burnt Orange

The autumnal shade (not the flavor) makes for cozy home decor.

The Surprising Comeback of Fringed Furniture

From anthropomorphic stools to dazzling lights that invite you to touch them, here are seven designs updating the old-school embellishment.
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