Sight Unseen’s Magna Chair Channels the Greatness of Ancient Rome

Who knew aluminum could be so sexy?

Audemars Piguet’s Iconic Royal Oak Watch Turns 50

As the watch world celebrates one of fine timekeeping’s most disruptive designs, AP archivist Sébastian Vivas tells tales from the piece’s storied history.

Chris Levine’s Portrait of a Shut-Eyed Queen Elizabeth Sparkles with Crystals

Celebrate the queen's Platinum Jubilee with a glittering, Pop-art version of the most famous and thought-provoking photo of Her Royal Majesty.
Eve and Paris Hilton in Versace dress

This Versace Minidress Is the Epitome of Y2K Red-Carpet Style

Ready to party? So is this dress.

39 Pool Houses That Are the Picture of Summer

If you're lucky enough to have one, a pool house is the most convenient kind of getaway — one that doesn't require you to leave home.
Colin Burn Art chess set

What Makes a Gem-Encrusted Chess Set Worth $4 Million?

The world’s most opulent chess set, weighing in at 513 carats, is literally fit for a king and queen.
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Why These Star Interior Designers Can’t Resist a Good Auction

Three savvy tastemakers share their bidding successes and tell us how they source remarkable pieces without blowing the budget.

12 Brilliant Playrooms Designed to Keep Kids Busy All Day

Whether they’re too young for school, home on break or under lockdown during a global pandemic, children can be famously hard to entertain around the house. These cool, creative spaces offer kid-friendly environments where they can grow, explore and make their own fun in style.
La Luce floral necklace

This Gold and Diamond Floral Necklace Is Rooted in Sustainable Practices

Designer Joy Harvey handcrafted each of the floral elements using responsibly sourced materials.

Rolex Buying Guide: Everything You Need to Know about Choosing the Right Watch

From understanding the models to choosing among vintage, pre-owned and new watches, here’s our expert advice on finding the best Rolex for you.
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