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Together, we bring beautiful things to millions

1stdibs is the leading online marketplace for the world’s most beautiful things. With uniquely curated shopping experiences, our website and mobile app are the go-to destinations for discerning collectors, sophisticated customers, and top interior designers around the world.

We select only prestigious dealers and galleries to bring their merchandise to this highly targeted, global audience.

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Confidently Sell Online

Global Audience of Qualified Customers

Reach millions of discerning collectors, sophisticated customers and top interior designers around the world.

Best Rate, Fully Insured Shipping

Our scale allows us to provide the best rates worldwide. We also handle logistics, saving you valuable time.

Guaranteed, Risk-Free Transactions

Our fraud and chargeback protection guarantees safe online transactions and removes risk for your business.

Support Services

Our team is here to support every step of the process with professional photography, global shipping logistics and dispute resolution.

Robust Toolset

We provide all of the tools you need to grow a successful online business, keep you organized, and optimize your offering.

Dedicated Account Manager

Your expert resource provides personalized coaching for your success and can help you solve nearly any challenge.