Darryl Carter, Inc.

Carter’s airy, uncluttered classicism and luminous colors exude the evocative perfection of a tone poem.

All photos by Miguel Flores-Vianna

A calm, cool breeze off the Potomac has made its way into this nuanced living room in the U.S. capital by designer Darryl Carter, a specialist in building modern rooms from time-stamped ingredients. Color is his tool of choice. “A tonal palette of neutrals contemporizes the antiques,” he says, articulating a philosophy he applied here, as in most of his refined residential projects. Not that the ingredients he started with were too shabby — from top (an Empire-style chandelier with silk-rope arms) to bottom (an antique Tabriz carpet based on a 17th-century Persian design), and in between (one standout: a Gustavian barrel chair with a scraped finish), the feast is fairly sumptuous.

“We placed a number of antique mantels throughout the house. Nothing imparts a sense of age more than introducing architectural elements.”

Design philosophy?

“A home should always offer a sense a respite, and there should always be a feeling of serenity and welcome for both the homeowners and their guests.”

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