Rachel Chudley

Chudley’s distinctive aesthetic conveys artsy boho chic with a dramatic flair, consistently exuding a self-expressive sensibility and eliciting an emotional response.

All photos by Sean Myers

Drinks in the bathroom, dinner in the kitchen: The owners of this late Georgian townhouse in London’s Bloomsbury, refused to settle for single-purpose rooms, which seems very prescient of them, given the year we’ve just had. To broaden the functionality of the primary bath, designer Rachel Chudley sectioned off the sink and WC in private pods, then added a French copper tub and daybed. Monochromatic walls and woodwork keep the focus on additions both authentic (the mantel) and eccentric (the sculpted stone bird). “Virginia Woolf danced in the kitchen of this house,” Chudley reveals. “It is a wonderful place with a creative heritage — and creative current inhabitants.”

“It was important for me to express the grandeur of this room, even though it is essentially a bathroom. The client wanted to use it as part dressing room, part bathroom and part entertaining space. We achieved this by hiding the WC and the sink in their own curved pods.”

Design philosophy?

I strive to put forward creative interiors with a distinct use of color and texture. At odds with formalized style, I wish instead to reflect the environment and inhabitants of a space — their quirks, passions and humor.”

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