Romanek Design Studio

There’s always a conversation going on in Brigette Romanek’s rooms among thoughtfully chosen furniture pieces that radiate a sculptural presence and, like the best sculpture, define and energize the space around them.

All photos by Douglas Friedman

Brigette Romanek may have come late to decorating, but she’s wasted no time in rising to the top. Thanks to an eye honed in the fashion world and membership in some of the more stylish social circles of Los Angeles, Romanek and her small team have flourished, turning out tightly schemed projects like this one — a modern barn in Malibu. “Casual cool” is the mood of this dining area, she says, a pared-down environment built around the client’s geometric painting and some strong interior architecture. Danish modern chairs surround a vintage table beneath a faceted string pendant light from Nickey Kehoe. “Clean lines, calm colors,” Romanek summarizes — and no doubt happy clients.

“There’s a restraint that is powerful. It allows for breathing and enjoying the beautiful pieces. That speaks volumes.” 

Design philosophy?

“I’ve created a design motto for my work: Livable lux. I really believe living with beautiful things and comfortable things go hand in hand and can be harmonious. You should enjoy every room in your house. It’s about you and your family and how you want to live. I have yet to meet a client who wants a room for viewing purposes only.” 

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