Rough and refined materials evoking a sensual pleasure

Photo by François Coquerel

Artists have an unstudied way with their own interiors that nonartists find terribly seductive. Propped paintings and messy daybeds, nude studies and souvenirs from sunbaked islands — these tropes can be pure gold in the right creative hands. FESTEN, the young Paris-based design team of Charlotte de Tonnac and Hugo Sauzay, achieves similar insouciance in this artist’s workspace imagined for a recent French showhouse. The woven-rush desk chair is an Émile-Jacques Ruhlmann beauty from dealer Jacques Lacoste, and the standing ashtray was found at another Parisian gallery. Approaching the lyricism of James Brown’s large-scale painting are totems and sconces by Guy Bareff. And the Perriand stool? That’s FESTEN’s own. The chosen objects, for all their uniqueness, each contribute to a singular sense of place. As the designers point out, “Beauty is subjective, but places have a soul.”

Photo by Raphael Dautigny

“Our aim is not to create beauty but to create unique places anchored in their geography, time and history.”
— Charlotte de Tonnac and Hugo Sauzay

Designer Picks

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Gerrit Rietveld for Metz and Co. Crate Chair, ca. 1950, Offered by DADA

“We love the simplicity of the design, its single-material construction and its patina. With an understated personality, it also offers great comfort.”

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Josef Frank for Svenskt Tenn Stool Model 972, 1940s, Offered by Studio Schalling

“We like this designer, and especially this item, which we envision in front of a fireplace. Noteworthy as well is the simplicity of the materials used and the shape, which is highlighted by sophisticated details, like the design of the feet.”

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“A stroke of evolving genius. The unusual and oversize proportions make this lamp and its design anything but ordinary. His creations marry technique with aesthetics.”

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Maria Pergay Low Tables, 1971, Offered by Lance Thompson Inc

“Sleek shapes with a single-material construction and modern personality”

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Isamu Noguchi Akari Lamp Model 55A, 1951, Offered by WA Design Gallery

“Unparalleled light blends with rare poetry.”

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Josef Zotti Turned-Wood Chair, 1911, Offered by Goldwood Interiors

“We have two of these chairs and can’t get enough of them. Their wood- and wickerwork are exquisite.”

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