Jeremiah Brent

While the palette is pretty consistent — white, black and browns from caramel to espresso — each Jeremiah Brent project is distinguished by the conversation among its particular sculptural furnishings and unique moments of take-your-breath-away drama.

All photos by Nicole Franzen

Reduce, reuse, recycle — Jeremiah Brent’s prewar living room for collectors on New York’s Upper East Side breathes new life and meaning into these familiar words, in the most elevated way. By limiting the room’s palette and furnishings, Brent lets each piece shine: impeccable vintage seating by Vladimir Kagan (the sofa), an Angelo Mangiarotti marble console. Heritage furniture doesn’t steal the show, though. A lacquer cabinet and hand-hammered-nickel low table, both by Gloria Cortina for Cristina Grajales gallery, reach for the future. Brent is already there, by the looks of the custom bronze fireplace surround he had fabricated in Brooklyn for the project: “It’s a piece of art from every angle,” he says.

“It’s so rare in New York City for an apartment to be so richly endowed with windows, so we wanted to design around the beauty of the sweeping light.” 

Key moves?

“The curved lines of the upholstered pieces add a softness to the geometric coffee table and fireplace. But really, this space is full of juxtapositions — it’s luxurious but comfortable, soft and geometric, minimal yet detailed. Each piece complements another in an unexpected way.”

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