M Interiors

Even in modern interiors, firm founder Melissa Morgan grounds environments in precedent, prizing the patina of earthy — versus gilded and overworked — antiques.

All photos by Roehner + Ryan

Calling on an all-star team of mid-century designers — Kagan, Risom, Scarpa, Jacobsen — Melissa Morgan, of San Antonio’s M Interiors, eases a 1950s getaway in Paradise Valley, Arizona, into the present with bold color and a distraction-free floor plan. The eye can travel out to the mountains, then back in to those acid-yellow armchairs — paradoxically soothing as they balance the light from the outdoors. “While the mid-century lineage is an asset, I tried to avoid re-creating a space steeped in time,” Morgan explains. Her masterstroke might be confining the pattern to the floor, where an organic touch underfoot feels like the ultimate luxury in an airy, boundary-dissolving room.

“I adore the Arne Jacobsen egg chair. The iconic silhouette and organic shape contrast with the warm leather against the room’s bolder colors.”

Design philosophy?

“What the pandemic has reinforced is an appreciation for a space that is personal and, most important, designed to be used and lived in. Beauty is wonderful, but comfort is paramount.”

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