Wesley Moon Inc.

There’s no skimping on luxury — often collectible — here. But Moon also likes the element of surprise, whether it’s a shot of unexpected color, a quirky antique or a whimsical piece of furniture.

All photos by Marco Ricca

Sophistication, but make it playful — that was the message delivered to Wesley Moon by his Park Avenue clients, who gave him free rein with their prewar triplex. He obliged, mainly with French 20th- and 21st-century pieces, most of them finely patinated or lacquered (a round occasional table and corner screen, both from Maison Gerard) and a few of them with fur and hoofs (a pair of Mark Bankowsky Pieds de Bouc stools, also from Maison Gerard). This glamorous arrangement works well, because simple pieces are interspersed with dressier ones in a lively dichotomy, says Moon: “One piece tempers the other, and nothing stands out and screams at you.” That was not the kind of playful he was after.

“The mirror over the fireplace helps to expand the end wall by creating a sense of flow, the way mirrors do, but the shape of the frame adds an extra sculptural element that truly becomes the room’s focal point.” 

Key design move?

“We didn’t  want the space to take itself too seriously. Capturing the light and keeping it airy were the top priorities.”

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