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Fotografie: Grey Crawford

Seaside Luxe

Beach House von Harte Brownlee & Associates in Newport Beach

Natural materials and island influences meld together in this beautiful beachfront compound to create a sophisticated indoor-outdoor oasis. Owned by a retired couple, the original beachfront home in Newport Beach was in need of updating when the house next door came up for sale. They immediately bought the property and called Sheldon Harte of Harte Brownlee to work with them on building a pool house and pool, while at the same time remodeling the main house. Harte, along with the architect, created a family resort of sorts, combining the art collection that the couple had been growing over the past two decades, with stylish but beach-hardy furnishings. Featuring hints of Balinese inspiration, soothing sand-inspired neutrals, and a 100% waterproof pool house, this Newport Beach retreat is at once in tune with its surroundings and one-of-a-kind.

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