Barovier e Toso Furniture

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Barovier Murano Glass Lamp
H 25.5 in. Dm 7 in.
Olivier Fleury Inc.
Chandelier by Barovier & Toso
H 40 in. Dm 29.5 in.
Wright Now
Murano Glass Lantern by Barovier & Toso
H 0.39 in. W 0.39 in. D 0.39 in.
Table Lamp by Barovier and Toso
H 21.65 in. Dm 12.99 in.
1950's Barovier e Toso Mirrored Tray
H 16 in. W 10.5 in. D 1.5 in.
Pair of Italian Leaf Sconces for Barovier e Toso
H 16.14 in. W 5.51 in. D 3.15 in.
Art of Vintage
Pair of Barovier and Toso Murano Sconces
H 18 in. W 10 in. D 9.5 in.
Antiques of River Oaks
Barovier & Toso "dolphin" chandelier
H 5 ft. 6.9 in. Dm 47.24 in.
Rita Fancsaly
Barovier & Toso Turquoise Doves signed
H 3.94 in. W 3.94 in. D 9.06 in.
Modern Design Connection
Large Murano Glass Lamp
H 29 in. W 10 in. D 10 in.
Kirby Antiques
Barovier & Toso Pendant Lamp
H 29.53 in. W 14.96 in.
Toso Slumped Glass Floor Lamp
H 5 ft. 3.5 in. W 19 in. D 19 in.
Amsterdam Modern
Pair of Murano Glass Wall Sconces by Barovier
H 16.5 in. W 8.63 in. D 6.13 in.
Jean-Marc Fray French Antiques
Large Barovier e Toso Leaf Sconce
H 17.52 in. W 5.51 in. D 3.94 in.
Art of Vintage
Archimede Seguso Vase
H 12 in. Dm 10.25 in.
Stellar Union