Camer Lighting

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Beautiful Square Camer Chandelier
H 12.25 in. W 16 in. D 16 in.
Las Venus
Lagre Italian Camer Glass Chandelier
H 28 in. W 46 in. D 24 in.
Modern Drama
Camer Crystal Chandelier
H 12 in. Dm 16 in.
Las Venus
Eye-shaped Camer Chandelier
H 14 in. W 16 in. D 10 in.
Gorgeous Camer Chandelier
H 28 in. W 31 in. D 15.5 in.
Las Venus
70s Modernist Glass Chandelier
H 21 in. W 30 in. D 18 in.
Kerson Gallery
Spiral Cyrstal Chandelier
H 4 ft. 7 in. Dm 21 in.
Pair of 1970's Camer Sconces
H 9 in. W 8.75 in. D 4.5 in.
Douglas Rosin Decorative Arts & Antiques
Camer Two Toned Chandelier
H 14 in. Dm 24 in.
R.E. Steele
Antique Pair of Sconces by Camer
H 11 in. W 6 in. D 5 in.
Dispela Antiques
Venini Chandelier for Camer
H 18 in. Dm 21 in.
Highland Park