Grouping of Three Vintage Tangerine Orange Blenko Glass Designs

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A grouping of three Tangerine colored vintage glass designs produced by the Blenko Glass Company.

LEFT: Decanter #649, balloon shaped decanter with reverse teardrop stopper. Designed by Joel Philip Myers in 1964. Pictured in the 1964 catalog.
Measures 13.5 inches tall x 7.75 inches diameter.

CENTER: Vase #5716, tall "bamboo" vase with segmented cylindrical body. Designed by Wayne Husted in 1957, made for 1 year only. Pictured in the 1957 catalog on page twelve http://www.blenkoarchive.org/blenko_catalog_1957.htm
Measures 19.25 inches tall x 6 inches diameter.

RIGHT: Chalice #5934, rare bell footed chalice form vase. Designed by Wayne Husted in 1959, made for 1 year only. Signed with sand-blasted Blenko logo. Pictured in the 1959 catalog on plate 13 http://www.blenkoarchive.org/blenko_catalog_1959.htm
Measures 9.25 inches tall x 6 inches diameter.


All our glass is vintage mid-20thC hand blown art glass. Items are guaranteed to be authentic, with certificates provided for each purchase.

Damon Crain, proprietor of Culture Object, is the leading dealer and expert in vintage 'Historic Period' Blenko glass (1947-74) and mid-20th century Empoli glass. Damon has published numerous articles http://www.cultureobject.com/press.htm in leading international publications including Modern Magazine, Glass Quarterly, Modernism and Miller's Publications. Damon has worked with museums throughout North America ans has served as Vice President of the New York Metropolitan Glass Club http://www.glassclub.org/. As a Director of the Blenko Museum http://www.blenkomuseum.org/ Damon has worked on several exhibitions of the work of the Blenko Glass Company.