Exceptional Antique Ceremonial Oil Lamp from Kabyle/Berber People

CEREMONIAL OIL LAMP from the Kabyle people a branch of the Berber in Algeria. This lamp is heavy, monumental and beautiful. All hand made and hand decorated with much detail. Has two large handles one on each side and a large handle in the back. These lamps were used in wedding ceremonies and they were held in front of the wedding procession and place in the room on the wedding night. These lamps were believed to ensure fertility for the newlyweds. They are made exclusively by women and the designs and symbols date back thousands of years. The lamp has an incredible patina with tarnish and darkening consistent with frequent use. The piece was part of a NY estate an comes a dedicated museum quality black stand. This is one of the best examples of Kabyle oil lamps documented. Most are in museums and are often smaller and newer.