Revere American Art Deco Wood or Magazine Holder

This American Art Deco Fireside Wood Basket was designed by Leslie Beaton for Revere Copper and Brass, Inc., Rome, New York. It first appears in Revere's 1936 Catalog as No.7055 with the following description “The polished bronze sheet wood holder is gently curved to conform to the continuous polished chromium tube circles. The handle is ebony finish and the floor rests are polished chromium balls. The Fireside will accommodate a generous supply of wood. When not in use as a wood basket the fireside serves as an attractive magazine basket”. It is 18” long, 15” wide and 15 ½” high. It is stamped on the bottom “Revere, Rome, NY”. This piece has been erroneously attributed to Norman Bel Geddes or Fred Farr.