Xmas Heron Martinez Burnished Ceramic Creche Nativity

Often referred as the Picasso of Mexican pottery, Heron Martinez was a gifted and talented artist from the small village of Acatlan in the Stet of Puebla. His works have been the subject of numerous studies and his pieces are highly collectible. Heron was a prolific and creative ceramicist who made large size candelabra and other decorative pottery. His pieces often display animals as part trees or mythical hybrids with whimsical twists.
This fabulous creche sits on top of a large ceramic ball that can be perceived as the earth globe or as a large pumpkin since a few subtle indentations and ridges can be seen around it. On the perimeter of the creche there are five ducks and a rooster. Surrounding the baby there is a ram, a cow and possibly a dog. The technique shows through burnishing and fired within the piece abstract Pre Columbian designs i a lighter brow color. The piece is 30" in perimeter and 17" tall.