Danish Art Deco Pottery Vase/Lamp Base by Kahler

This fine Kahler vase, with its bold black and contrasting yellow colors and design, came to me in lamp-base form. There's a 1/4" diameter hole right at the base, on the side (which you can see in View #3, about 1/4 of the way from left to right). This hole served as an exit for the lamp cord. Whether the vase was fabricated this way or whether the hole was executed later, I don't know. As neat as it is, it would appear to have been accomplished at the factory.

In any case, I've plugged the hole with some silicone to use the vase to hold water and flowers, which is does quite nicely without leaking any water. Push the silicone out and in two seconds you have your lamp-cord exit back again.

The soaring artwork is downright spectacular!