Cuff Bracelets

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Flexible Gold Bracelet
W 0.79 in. D 0.39 in.
Frank Pollak and Sons
W 1.38 in. Dm 5 in.
Wayne Smith Jewels
Moonstone and White Topaz Bubble Cuff
W 0.88 in. D 0.25 in. Dm 3 in.
Szor Collections
Rutilated Quartz Platinum Cuff
H 0.32 in. W 2.5 in. D 0.32 in.
Szor Collections
Fabulous Modern Diamond Cuff
W 2 in. D 2 in. Dm 7.5 in.
Empire Antiques
Zolotas Eagle's Head Diamond and Emerald Bracelet
H 0.75 in. W 2.5 in. D 0.75 in. Dm 2.5 in.
Things Finer