VERDURA Mobe Pearl Diamond Black Onyx Gold Earrings

These bold and standing out earrings were created by Verdura in the 1980s. Verdura do not make them any longer. 1980's were the times when Verdura made pieces in 14k gold as well. The earrings were made in two sizes and these ones are the bigger version.
The earrings are made of black onyx and 14k yellow gold, accented with 0.64 ct of round brilliant cut diamonds and feature creamy mobe pearls with very good luster and thick nacre.
The earrings are 1-1/4" in diameter, the mobe pearls are 17.93 and 18.23 mm in diameter. The earrings are in excellent condition, no chips or cracks on the onyx or pearls. They are clip-on; however, the posts can be added if needed.