Suzy Hoodless

With a playful, mood-elevating sense of color, Hoodless creates bright open spaces that beckon the client to relax amid their lively mix of periods, which feels crisp and just right rather than cluttered and contrived.

All photos by Elsa Young

Victorian architecture isn’t known for being streamlined, but this London townhouse gets a whole new jam in the hands of British designer Suzy Hoodless. “We layered a monochromatic foundation with fresh, bright accents of color,” she says, “and mixed contemporary furniture with vintage pieces from different eras to contrast with the classic architecture and create a timeless harmony.” Hans Wegner’s Papa Bear chair sizzles in chartreuse wool; a witty Architettura cabinet by Piero Fornasetti starts a conversation with the geometric carpet and a string of black-and-white textiles placed throughout the adjoining rooms. Despite its sleek appearance, the house comes across as warm and practical, a functional family home that lives up to its Victorian beginnings.

“The Hans J. Wegner Papa Bear chair is the epitome of classic design. It is a comfortable option for everything from writing emails and taking calls to seeking relaxation at the end of the day. Here, we reupholstered it in chartreuse to add levity and a contemporary twist.”

Design philosophy?

“Good interior design is an alchemy of the practical and creative. Our design philosophy is deeply rooted in our commitment to creating beautifully designed, timeless spaces that feel good to live in, always with an eye to comfort and function.”

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