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Fotografie: Max Kim Bee

Dallas Residence

Family Home von Kirsten Kelli, LLC in Dallas, TX

Kirsten and Kelli used classical touches and bold colors to strike a balance between formal elegance and whimsy. Within the large scale home a multitude of bold patterns successfully balance each other. In the yellow gallery, David Hicks' work inspired the geometry of the impressive floor and enhances the display of fine art by the likes of Matisse, Picasso and Magritte.

When designing the Ford's home, Kirsten and Kelli's intentions were to create a space grand enough to accommodate a hundred dressed-up guests for cocktails on a Friday night, kid-friendly enough to host a gaggle of eleven-year-olds at a Saturday afternoon pool party, and cozy enough to serve as the spot where the Ford family could kick back on a Sunday to watch a Cowboys game.

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