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Marble Anatomical Sculpture by HD
H 32 in. W 28 in. D 5 in.
American Primitive Gallery
Collectors Cabinet for Prints
H 8 ft. 10.3 in. D 30.31 in.
Pieter Hoogendijk
Oval Agate and Ormolu Casket
H 2.5 in. Dm 3.1 in.
Guinevere Antiques
Very Rare Pre-Reformation Painted Panels
H 4 ft. 4.8 in. W 20.08 in.
Harris Lindsay LTD
Brass And Shagreen Telescope
H 16.54 in. W 15.75 in.
Lorenzo Castillo
Antique African Congo Kuba Tribal Helmet
H 11 in. W 10.5 in. D 8 in.
Coach House
An Antique skeleton Tibetan Rug
W 31 in. L 5 ft. 2 in.
Doris Leslie Blau LLC
Tortoised Curio Cabinet with Glass
H 27.5 in. W 33.5 in. D 9.5 in.
Dearing Antiques
Fossilised Palm Frond Wall Plaque
H 5 ft. 1.8 in. D 0.79 in.
Dale Rogers Ammonite
Tibetan Temple Entrance
H 7 ft. 7.5 in. W 48 in. D 13 in.
Treasure Keepers
Keichousaurus Reptile Fossil
H 12.2 in. D 0.39 in.
Dale Rogers Ammonite
Fantasy Insect with Timepiece
H 10.63 in. W 9.06 in. D 9.06 in.
J.P. Banken Antiques & Collectibles
18th C. Electrical Machine
H 13.5 in. W 24 in. D 16.5 in.
Acorn - Scandinavian Antiques & Accessories of Distinction
Fossilised Oreodont Skull
H 9.84 in. D 5.91 in.
Dale Rogers Ammonite
Campo del Cielo Meteorite Scholar's Stone
H 9.25 in. W 7.25 in. D 5.5 in.
Honeychurch Antiques
Rare Historic Canon, circa 1700
H 36.61 in. W 8 ft. 6.4 in. D 45.28 in.
EHRL Fine Art and Antiques
Vacuum Pump
H 22.5 in. W 12.25 in. D 26 in.
18th c., Italian Marble Carving
H 19 in. W 22 in. D 4.5 in.
Antonio's Bella Casa
Allegory Of Arithmetic
H 20.75 in. W 14.25 in.
Carlton Hobbs LLC
NOK Terracotta Figure
H 31 in. W 9.5 in. D 9.5 in.
A Circa 1700 Nuremberg Flatiron
H 5.91 in. W 4.13 in. D 6.89 in.
Raphael Bedos
Large Butterfly Showcase
H 20.47 in. W 10.63 in. D 10.63 in.
J.P. Banken Antiques & Collectibles
Australian Aboriginal Yawkyawk Fiber Sculpture
H 5 ft. 8 in. W 40 in. D 0.5 in.
Tishu Gallery
Pre-Columbian Gold Avian Pendant
H 3.75 in. W 3.75 in. D 1 in.
Peyton Wright Gallery
17th Century Polychromatic Horn Lice Comb
H 5.91 in. W 5 in. D 0.16 in.
Raphael Bedos
Ancient Tibetan Windows
H 5 ft. 11.5 in. W 4 ft. 3 in. D 5 in.
Treasure Keepers
A Set of Ordos Culture Gold Plaques
H 24 in. W 26 in. D 0.75 in.
Lotus Gallery
Pre-Columbian Bolivian Stone Vessel
H 9.25 in. W 7.75 in. D 6.37 in.
Peyton Wright Gallery
Rare Tuareg Nomadic Boots
H 8 ft. 2 in. W 16 in. D 9 in.
Anglo-Indian Ebonized Objet Cabinet
H 23 in. W 21.5 in. D 15 in.
Michael Donaldson Antiques
Tiger Skull
H 22 in. W 11 in. D 7 in.
ROARK modern, inc.
Chinese Tribal Pipe
H 11 in. W 2.75 in. D 2.75 in.
Honeychurch Antiques
Carved head mounted in box
H 14 in. W 10 in. D 7 in.
Charles Spada Antiques
Amethyst Crystal Cluster
H 21.26 in. D 9.84 in.
Dale Rogers Ammonite