Azucena Furniture

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Pair of Caccia Dominioni Lanterns
H 31.5 in. Dm 11.81 in.
Pendant by Luigi Caccia Dominioni
H 47.24 in. Dm 22.83 in.
Jochum Rodgers
Coat Rack by Luigi Caccia Dominioni for Azucena
H 11.81 in. W 27.56 in. D 7.87 in.
Italian Pendant After Azucena
H 45 in. Dm 13.5 in.
Azucena Stool in Hermès Textile
H 16.93 in. Dm 15.75 in.
The Apartment
Azucena Glass Sconce by Caccia Dominioni
H 11.81 in. W 3.94 in. D 5.31 in.
Azucena - Pair Of Wall Lights
H 10.63 in. W 8.27 in. D 15.75 in.
Marc Heiremans
Azucena Coat Hanger
H 11.81 in. W 33.46 in. D 5.51 in.
The Apartment
"Pallone" Wall Lamp by Caccia Dominioni for Azucena
H 46.06 in. W 11.81 in. D 14.96 in.
In the Style of Azucena Sconce
H 11 in. W 7 in. D 11 in.
Pr Of Azucena Sconces
H 9 in. Dm 7 in.
Fred Silberman
"Chesa Laria" Walnut Bed by Luigi Caccia Dominioni for Azucena
H 37.01 in. W 6 ft. 7.9 in. D 5 ft. 10.9 in.
"Fasce Cromate"  T10 Console by Caccia Dominioni for Azucena
H 28.35 in. W 5 ft. 10.9 in. D 19.69 in.
Azucena Globe Pendant
H 28.5 in. Dm 10.5 in.
Azucena Sconces
H 16 in. W 10 in. D 13 in.
Luigi Caccia Dominioni T 9 Carts, Pair
H 24 in. W 15.25 in. D 15.25 in.
Casati Gallery
Luigi Caccia Dominioni Wall Lamp
H 46 in. D 15 in. Dm 10.5 in.