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Gio Ponto for Venini, 'Sette Colori' Jug
H 8.66 in. W 7.09 in. D 5.91 in.
Marc Heiremans
Mochaware Pitcher
H 6.75 in. W 5.5 in. D 8 in.
American, Sterling Silver Jug
H 8.27 in. Dm 5.71 in.
Silverman Antiques
English Silver Tankard
H 10.63 in. W 10.24 in.
Silverman Antiques
Peltre Pitcher
H 21.65 in. W 11.42 in. D 7.87 in.
Lorenzo Castillo
Italian Glass Pitcher
H 7.5 in. Dm 6 in.
Joseph Anfuso 20th Century Design
French Jaspé Swirl Pitcher
H 6.5 in. Dm 6 in.
Rooms and Gardens, Inc.
Red and Green Murano Glass Pitcher by Venini
H 8.5 in. W 5.38 in. D 6.5 in.
Dragonette Ltd
English Ceramic Jug
H 7 in. W 5 in. D 5 in.
Lee Stanton Antiques
Creamware Theatrical Printed Jug, "Mr. Garrick"
H 8.27 in. W 5.31 in. D 7.28 in.
Anthony James and Son
Ceramic Vase
H 7.87 in. Dm 7.87 in.
Tic Tac
Ceramic Vase
H 8.66 in. Dm 6.3 in.
Tic Tac
18th Century English Creamware Jug
H 7 in. W 6 in. D 5 in.
Niall Smith Antiques
Pair of French Barbotine Majolica Vases
H 15.5 in. W 5 in. D 4 in.
Objects Lost & Found
Absinthe Decanter and 8 Glass Set
H 7 in. Dm 3.5 in.
On Hold
Surfing Cowboys
Daum French Art Nouveau Pitcher
H 6.75 in. W 5 in. D 3 in.
Macklowe Gallery
Georgian Copper Ale Jug
H 9.5 in. W 9 in. D 8.25 in.
Reindeer Antiques
Empoli - Monumental Glass Carafe
H 19.69 in. Dm 11.81 in.
Marc Heiremans
William de Morgan Jug
H 9.5 in. W 5.5 in.
AD Antiques
19th Century French Bronze Metal Pitcher
H 14.5 in. W 6.5 in. D 5 in.
East and Orient Company
A Rare Early Aqua Manille Bronze Ewer
H 7 in. W 4.75 in. D 4.5 in.
Colonial Arts
English Copper Measure
H 10.5 in. Dm 8.5 in.
Painted Porch Antiques
A Large Mocha Ware Banded Jug
H 6.75 in. Dm 5.25 in.