Convex Mirrors

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Big Convex Mirror
H 1.57 in. Dm 4 ft. 0.4 in.
Brice Berard
Regency Bulls Eye Mirror
Dm 25.5 in.
On Hold
Sutter Antiques
Reeded Gilt Convex Mirror
H 3 in. Dm 26 in.
Westenholz Antiques
H 35.43 in. W 35.43 in. D 4.33 in.
Starburst  Convex Mirror
H 2 in. Dm 37 in.
House of Honey
One Large Convex Mirror
H 4 ft. 0.4 in. Dm 4 ft. 0.4 in.
Brice Berard
Two Convex Mirrors
H 26.37 in. W 23.62 in. D 1 in.
Large Regency Convex Mirror
H 6 ft. 5 in. W 45.5 in. D 4.5 in.
Blanchard Ltd.
Comète Mirror
H 21.3 in. Dm 20.75 in.
Galerie Charraudeau
A Regency Giltwood Convex Mirror (4491511)
H 29.92 in. W 24.02 in. D 11.81 in.
Ronald Phillips
Convex Mirror By Frederic Liger
H 32.68 in. W 26.38 in. D 7.87 in.
Galerie May
Karl Springer Lacquered Mirror
H 4 ft. 9.3 in. W 38 in. D 2.75 in.
Modern Living Supplies
High Style Regency Convex Mirror
H 38 in. W 22 in. D 8 in.
Comer & Co.
A Convex Mirror, Circa, 1880
H 4 ft. 0.5 in. W 4 ft. 0.5 in. D 1.5 in.
Lee Stanton Antiques
St. George and the Dragon Girandole Mirror
H 4 ft. 3 in. W 30 in. D 9 in.
R. Jorgensen Antiques
Large Vintage Convex Mirror
H 6 in. Dm 4 ft. 4.5 in.
Uniquities Architectural Antiques and Salvage
Fly Mirror
H 41.25 in. W 1.5 in. D 41.25 in.
Coup d'Etat
A Regency Giltwood Convex Girandole Mirror
H 24.8 in. W 16.93 in. D 9.06 in.
Jamb Ltd.
'Soleil' Convex Mirror
H 1 in. Dm 21 in.
Antiqueria Tribeca
Large Parabolic Reflecting Mirror
H 42 in. W 24 in. D 24 in.
Off The Wall Antiques
Oval Mirror
H 39 in. W 29 in. D 1 in.
Nantucket House Antiques and Interior Design Studios, Inc.
Architectural Bronze Mirror
H 40 in. W 29.5 in. D 0.5 in.
Joseph Malekan
Vintage French Mirror
H 48 in. D 8.5 in.
Brendan Bass
Custom Made Baroque Mirror
H 1 in. Dm 23.5 in.
Pop Art Acrylic Bubble Mirror Wall Decor
H 36 in. W 36 in. D 0.75 in.
JVB Interiors
Pop Art Acrylic Bubble Mirror
H 38 in. W 38 in. D 3/4
JVB Interiors
Regency Bull's Eye Mirror
H 4 ft. 1.5 in. Dm 40 in.
Spalding Antiques & Interiors
Antique Mahogany Convex Mirror
H 43 in. W 25 in.
On Hold
S & S Timms Antiques Ltd.