Russel Wright Furniture

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Pair of Lacquered Armchairs
H 30 in. W 25.5 in. D 28 in.
Rare Oceana Bowl by Russel Wright
H 3.75 in. W 15 in. D 9.75 in.
Russel Wright Modular Sofa
H 30 in. W 7 ft. 4 in. D 32 in.
Russel Wright Bauer Long Boat form vessel
H 2.75 in. W 23 in. D 4.5 in.
The Exchange Int
Russell Wright Aluminum Torchiere
H 5 ft. 5 in. Dm 12 in.
Atomic Bazaar
1940s Russel Wright Bauer Pottery Vase
H 8.25 in. W 4.75 in. D 3 in.
rare Russel Wright Torchiere
H 5 ft. 4.5 in. Dm 11.5 in.
Oceana Bowl By Russel Wright
H 4 in. W 7.5 in. D 13 in.
Russell Wright Dresser
H 41 in. W 40 in. D 20 in.
Oceana Tray By Russel Wright
H 1.5 in. W 19 in. D 4.5 in.
Russel Wright Ceramic Bowl
H 2 in. W 5.25 in. D 5.25 in.
Sally Rosen 20th Century Collections
Russel Wright Table Lamp
H 31.5 in. Dm 16 in.
Galleria d'Epoca
Tray by Russel Wright
H 3 in. Dm 11.25 in.
Pair of Modernist Horse Sculptures
H 11.25 in. W 12 in. D 5.25 in.
Oceana Series Bowl By Russell Wright
H 2 in. W 14.75 in. D 6 in.
Russel Wright For Conant Ball Cabinet
H 6 ft. 6 in. W 36 in. D 15.5 in.
Metro Retro Furniture / MCM Furniture
Set of Russel Wright Nesting Tables
H 24 in. W 20.5 in. D 29 in.
Century Design Ltd.
Maple Bed  by Russel Wright
H 34 in. W 41 in. D 6 ft. 5 in.
Belkind Bigi
set of 4 Russel Wright folding Arm Chairs
H 31 in. W 25.5 in. D 27 in.
Russel Wright Bamboo Floor Lamp
H 4 ft. 9.5 in. Dm 11.5 in.
Russel Wright Lamp
H 10.5 in. W 7 in. D 3.75 in.
Russel Wright Ottoman
H 16 in. Dm 24 in.
Pair Russel Wright Highboy Dressers
H 40 in. W 30 in. D 20 in.
Horseman Antiques Inc.
Russel Wright Maple Corner Cabinet
H 7 ft. 2 in. W 34.5 in. D 26''
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