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A 19th Century Alsatian Painted Cooper Sign
H 29.13 in. W 22.83 in. D 1.97 in.
Raphael Bedos
Inspector General Dog Painting
H 40.75 in. W 30 in. D 2 in.
FS Henemader Antiques Inc.
Headless Leader Painting by Artfux
H 40 in. W 26 in. D 1 in.
Bridges Over Time
Portrait of a Gentleman - Unframed
H 30 in. W 25 in. D 1 in.
Spurgeon Lewis Antiques
Painting by Kevin Paulsen
H 48 in. W 36 in. D 2.5 in.
Nantucket House Antiques and Interior Design Studios, Inc.
The Boxer
H 4 ft. 1.5 in. W 37.5 in. D 1.38 in.
Bridges Over Time
Sandpaper Drawing of Mt Vernon
H 32.75 in. W 23.75 in.
Cottage + Camp
Horse In The Meadow Folk Painting
H 30 in. W 41 in. D 1.25 in.
Scott Estepp Gallery
Top Dog by Christopher Shoemaker
H 4 ft. 11 in. W 41.5 in. D 2.5 in.
Colin Fisher Studios
H 19-1/2" W 22-1/2"
Joshua Lowenfels Works of Art
"LIke Mother, Like Daughter" Portrait
H 31 in. W 27 in. D 2 in.
Scott Estepp Gallery
Vivid Abstract Painting
H 13 in. W 44 in.
Kirk Albert  Vintage  Furnishings
Bringin' Home the Bacon
H 5 ft. W 12 ft. D 2 in.
Kirk Albert  Vintage  Furnishings
Woman with Cat Painting
H 19 in. W 15 in.
Kirk Albert  Vintage  Furnishings
Folk Art Oil Collage Painting
H 21.5 in. W 18.5 in.
Red Modern Furniture
Unusual Early Family Portrait
H 29 in. W 32.25 in.
Robert Young Antiques
English Pub Sign - Old Swan
H 36.25 in. W 34 in.
Antique Swan
English Pub Sign - The Leopard
H 38.5 in. W 34.25 in.
Antique Swan
Vintage Expressionist Painting
H 42 in. W 4 ft. 6 in.
Louis Auguste Dechelette 1964 "Mixing Poison"
H 15.5 in. W 18.5 in. D 1.5 in.
Bridges Over Time
English Pub Sign - The Magdalen
H 42.5 in. W 36.25 in.
Antique Swan
American Oil Painting of Bird Dogs
H 15 in. W 20 in. D 2 in.
Brad Williams Antiques
Karl Kauffmann: Dutch city
H 21.65 in. W 27.17 in.
Mimo Gallery and Auctions
18th.Century reverse painting
H 14.96 in. W 18.11 in. D 0.79 in.
Harry and Ria Jong
Abstract Landscape Oil Painting
H 22.25 in. W 26.25 in. D 2 in.
Colin Fisher Studios
Abstract Figurative Painting by Jim Bloom
H 7.5 in. W 7.5 in. D 2.5 in.
Colin Fisher Studios
Angel Face by Artist Purvis Young
H 32 in. W 31 in. D 2 in.
Colin Fisher Studios
Purvis Young painting on a Cookie Sheet
H 26 in. W 18 in. D 1.5 in.
Colin Fisher Studios
César Manrique Pair of Serigraphies
H 26.38 in. W 18.9 in. D 0.79 in.
Abstract Figurative Collage by Jim Bloom
H 33 in. W 30 in. D 2.25 in.
Colin Fisher Studios
Portrait in Profile signed Esther Frommer
H 18.5 in. W 14.5 in. D 1 in.
Lincoln Portrait
H 25.5 in. W 21.5 in.
Antique & Art Exchange
Depression Era Banjo Player
H 43.5 in. W 37.5 in.
Tod Donobedian Antiques
Three Ring Circus Gouache
H 17 in. W 23 in. D 2 in.
Tod Donobedian Antiques