Umbrella Stands

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Mahogany Coat and Umbrella Stand
H 7 ft. 1 in. W 25 in. D 11.5 in.
Ann-Morris, Inc.
Bentwood Umbrella Stand
H 33 in. Dm 16 in.
Ruby Beets
Italian Umbrella Holder
H 19.69 in. Dm 11.42 in.
Tic Tac
Brass Umbrella Stand
H 24.25 in. W 8.25 in. D 8.25 in.
Darren Ransdell Design
Cast Iron Umbrella or Cane Stand
H 15.5 in. W 13 in. D 7.5 in.
Carl Moore Antiques
Fabulous 19th c.English Bamboo Umbrella Stand
H 5 ft. 2 in. W 26.5 in. D 9 in.
Coco House
White-Painted Wood and Caned Hall Stand
H 7 ft. W 40 in. D 11.5 in.
Corfield Morris  NY
Black Forest Hall Stand
H 6 ft. 4.8 in. W 20.87 in. D 20.87 in.
Red Rose Antiques
Cast Iron Coalbrookdale Stick Stand
H 25.2 in. W 25.59 in. D 11.02 in.
Tarquin Bilgen Antiques
Brass and Bamboo Umbrella Stand
H 16.5 in. Dm 11.88 in.
Sculptural umbrella stand
H 21.65 in. W 17.72 in. D 7.87 in.
Paola Bazzoli
Curved Aluminum Umbrella Stand
H 18.25 in. W 14.75 in. D 19.13 in.
John Salibello Antiques
Fornasetti Umbrella Stand
H 30 in. W 16 in. D 7.5 in.
Glen Leroux Antiques Inc
English Oak Rare Stick Stand
H 26 in. W 29 in. D 9.5 in.
Carnegie Hill Antiques
Victorian Hall Stand
H 5 ft. 10.9 in. W 23.62 in. D 9.84 in.
Set of Six Umbrella Receptacles
H 19.6 in. W 3.5 in. D 4 in.
Rayon Roskar
English Brass Stick Stand
H 24 in. W 18.5 in. D 7 in.
Linda Horn
Large Antique Mortar and Pestle
H 47 in. W 12 in. D 12 in.
Petersen Antiques
Victorian Hall Bamboo Stand
H 6 ft. 8.5 in. W 30 in. D 9.5 in.
Maude Woods
Tubular Chrome Umbrella Stand
H 24.5 in. W 17.75 in. D 7.75 in.
Jon Howell Antiques and Design
Arts and Crafts Umbrella Stand
H 27 in. W 16.5 in. D 13 in.
Brass Umbrella Stand
H 23 in. W 6 in. D 16 in.
Areaid Inc
Antique Wooden Container
H 17.5 in. W 10 in. D 11 in.
dos gallos
Corner Brass Stick Stand
H 25 in. W 17 in. D 12 in.
Linda Horn
19th Century Brass Umbrella Holder
H 19.5 in. W 16 in. D 7 in.
Ambiance Antiques
Iron Coat/Hat/Umbrella Stand
H 6 ft. 9 in. W 26 in. D 26 in.
Antique Umbrella / Cane Stand
H 28.5 in. Dm 23.5 in.
Antique & Art Exchange
S-form Umbrella Stand
H 20 in. W 29.5 in. D 12.5 in.
Bernd Goeckler Antiques
French 19th Century Painted Iron & Bronze Umbrella Stand
H 25.75 in. W 4 ft. 5.3 in. D 7.25 in.
Fireside Antiques
Italian Umbrella Stand
H 21.25 in. W 15 in. D 10.5 in.
Bernd Goeckler Antiques
Sculptural Umbrella Stand
H 23 in. Dm 14 in.
Bernd Goeckler Antiques
Umbrella Stand
H 29.53 in. Dm 10.24 in.
Paola Bazzoli
Angelo Mangiarotti Ceramic Umbrella Stand
H 17.5 in. W 12 in. D 8 in.
On Hold
Modest Designs
Umbrella Stand
H 29 in. W 19.75 in. D 7 in.
Bernd Goeckler Antiques
A Good Mid 19th Century Oak Hall Stand
H 6 ft. 4 in. W 4 ft. 0.5 in. D 14.5 in.
Gary Wright Antiques LTD
Umbrella Stand by Piero Fornasetti
H 34.06 in. W 16.93 in. D 7.09 in.
88 Gallery
Huge "Porta Ombrelli" by Antonia Campi
H 23.25 in. Dm 14 in.
On Hold
Sam Kaufman Gallery
19th Century Cast Iron Terrier Umbrella Stand
H 25.38 in. W 15.5 in. D 8 in.
Andrew Spindler Antiques
A Fontana Arte Glass Umbrella Stand
H 23 in. W 9 in. D 9 in.
L'Art De Vivre
English Umbrella or Stick Stand of Oak
H 28.5 in. W 22.25 in. D 12 in.
Antique Swan
Rare Viennese Thonet Umbrella Stand
H 29 in. W 20 in. D 9.5 in.
United House Wrecking Inc
Aesthetic Movement Umbrella or Cane Stand
H 24.5 in. W 11.75 in. D 7 in.
DR 2
Italian Modernism Umbrella Stand
H 28 in. W 5.75 in. D 13.5 in.
Galleria d'Epoca
Late 19th Century Umbrella/Cane Stand
H 28 in. W 24 in. D 9 in.
Gallery 315 Home
Umbrella Stand - French circa 1900
H 27.56 in. W 33.07 in. D 7.48 in.
Max Rollitt
Op-Pop Umbrella Stand
H 16 in. W 15 in. D 11 in.
Tom Gibbs Studio