Kerry Joyce Associates

No matter what style Joyce masterfully tackles, the incomparable thoroughness and clarity of his vision make every room feel emblematic: Just one look, and you find yourself saying, “Right, got it!”

All photos by Antoine Bootz

Like Palm Beach and Palm Springs, Southampton and the South of France, Aspen is a resort town that conjures up certain decorating tropes. But tropes, even stylish ones, have no place in a Kerry Joyce design. Describing his approach to this new farmhouse by Backen and Gillam, Joyce says, “It was important that the home feel warm and inviting and avoid the hackneyed and banal Aspen look.” So, no taxidermy or tapestries, no farm tools or birch logs. Instead, he took his cues from a magnificent view of Aspen mountain, working in a palette of earth tones and limiting his flourishes to a few curves that might be found in nature: a gourd table lamp from Eric Appel and a wing chair from JF Chen inspired by the legendary Danish modernist Frits Henningsen.

“The metal tapestry by Ghanaian sculptor El Anatsui communicates perfectly with the seating area, which is anchored by the Claro walnut coffee table.”

Design philosophy?

“I always strive to create a feeling of well-being. It’s the combination of careful choices that accumulate into something that is much larger than the sum of its parts: tranquility.” 

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