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Kerry Joyce Associates, Inc.;

Kerry Joyce Associates, Inc.

Los Angeles, CA


Kerry Joyce Associates embodies a passion for timeless design and flawless execution. Led by one of the country’s most celebrated designers, Kerry Joyce, the firm’s various projects have received notable acclaim and articulate a unique and unparalleled design sense, seamlessly marrying fine materials, clean lines and sophisticated textures, emboldened by a touch of glamour. The work of Kerry Joyce Associates spans a variety of aesthetics – always imaginative, refined and exquisite.

Kerry Joyce opened his Los Angeles design firm following a successful career as an Art Director for film and television. A master of crafting cohesive design stories, Joyce is celebrated as one of the top interior designers in the country. A testament to his impeccable design sense, Joyce has received a broad array of honors from some of the most highly regarded organizations in design and entertainment, including an Emmy award for set decoration, and a number of nationally regarded best design lists. Joyce's work has been featured in Architectural Digest, Elle Decor, House Beautiful, WSJ Magazine, World of Interiors and Veranda Magazine, amongst others.

In addition to his lauded interior projects, Joyce has channeled his diverse talents into several highly regarded furniture, lighting and rug collections. Most recently his firm introduced Kerry Joyce Textiles, whose fabrics and wallpapers mirror the firm’s refined aesthetic, combining his powerful visual perspective, with reduced historical reference and nuanced color palette.

With offices in Los Angeles and Connecticut, Joyce offers a comprehensive approach to design showcasing his talent for architecture, interior design, product design, artistic direction and consulting for his sophisticated clientele.

In 2017 Joyce was celebrated on the cover of The Wall Street Journal Magazine, for his design work on the home of Vice Media founder, Shane Smith. Joyce is currently the subject of an upcoming monograph of his robust career of Interior Design, Architecture, Product and Textile Design. It will be published by Pointed Leaf Press in November of 2018. Foreword by Whitney Robinson. KERRYJOYCEBOOK.COM

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