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In Manhattan, East 10th Street and its environs are famous for their enchanting shops and galleries. Shoppers come here seeking the finest furniture, lighting, art and more, which range from rare English antiques to recent work by Swedish designers. Prior to the annual On 10 event (September 28), a celebration of design and antiques on East 10th that is sponsored by 1stdibs and New York Cottages & Gardens, get to know the 1stdibs dealers in the neighborhood.

Featured Dealers
  • Hyde Park Antiques, Ltd.
  • Maison Gerard
  • Hostler Burrows
  • H.M. Luther
  • O’Sullivan Antiques
  • Karl Kemp Antiques
  • Bernd Goeckler Antiques
  • Eerdmans Fine Art
  • Magen H Gallery
  • Charles Cheriff Galleries
  • Antony Todd

Hyde Park Antiques, Ltd.

Specialists in 18th- and early-19th-century English furniture
Shop on 1stDibs Hyde Park Antiques, Ltd.

“There is something very exciting about looking at a chair that was made in 1770 and being able to imagine what was going on during that time,” says Rachel Karr. She runs Hyde Park Antiques with her parents, Bernard and Barbara, who founded the gallery nearly 50 years ago. Like her father and mother, she loves to talk about pieces with clients, especially new collectors. “The excitement they feel is contagious, and it reminds me how much I do love the material that I am fortunate enough to handle.”

Neighborhood Haunts

Favorite Restaurant: Il Cantinori

“The quintessential Italian restaurant, serving wonderful homemade pastas and risottos. The grilled branzino is crave-worthy!”

Favorite Restaurant: Gotham Bar and Grill

“Gotham Bar and Grill continues to provide one of the most civilized and elegant lunches in town.”

Talking Points
George III Cream-Painted and Gilt Pembroke Table Shop Now
George III Cream-Painted and Gilt Pembroke Table

“This George III cream-painted table has central panels decorated with scenes in the manner of Angelica Kauffman, a highly regarded artist who was one of only two females among the founding members of the Royal Academy in London. This particular Pembroke table was part of a suite of furniture from Upton House. The Bonnell family, which inherited the property in the 1770s and vacated Upton House in 1788, brought the Upton House suite of painted furniture to its new residence, where it was reputedly seen by both Queen Charlotte and George III.”

Irish George II Mahogany Console Table Shop Now
Irish George II Mahogany Console Table

“This is a fabulous example of the exuberance of Irish design. The carving is extremely crisp and finely articulated, as particularly seen in the feet.”

Maison Gerard

Specialists in collectible French Art Deco furniture, lighting and objets d'art
Shop on 1stDibs Maison Gerard

There’s a reason for the particular range of offerings at Maison Gerard: it focuses on objects the partners enjoy having around them. Benoist F. Drut, managing partner at Maison Gerard, recalls the advice founding partner Gerardus Widdershoven gave him long ago: “Only buy and show what you truly love. You never know — it may sell fast, it may never sell, and then you have to be prepared to live with it, perhaps forever.”

Neighborhood Haunts

Favorite Restaurant: Il Cantinori

“The food is excellent, and the restaurant has the most charming old-school, upscale, Italian vibe. Plus the staff makes everyone feel like a regular.”

Favorite Coffee: City of Saints Coffee Roasters

“I am addicted to the lattes.”

Favorite Skin Care Products: Aesop

“I love so many of the products from this company. It is always a pleasure to walk in there — smells like heaven.”

Talking Points
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Jaimal Odedra bronze Rupi bowl, 2015

“Some of my favorite pieces are Jaimal Odedra’s polished bronze vessels. One of the characteristics of this collection is the use of the traditional Moroccan sand-casting technique while creating very modern and free-form vessels.”

Hostler Burrows

Specialists in Nordic design
Shop on 1stDibs Hostler Burrows

“As specialists in Nordic design, we naturally lean toward clean, modernist lines that exhibit a purity of form and refinement without any over-embellishment,” says Juliet Burrows, who founded the gallery in 1998 with her wife, Kim Hostler. The couple say they’ve built strong relationships with both clients and fellow dealers over the years — especially those on East 10th Street. “It is an exciting, nerve-racking business, but we are always surrounded by beauty, which can be a lifesaver.”

Neighborhood Haunts

Favorite Pharmacy: Whitney Chemists

“Whitney Chemists is a wonderful bit of old New York, where you can find anything you need in a pharmacy.”

Favorite Restaurant: Il Cantinori

“We love sneaking away for a delicious lunch at Il Cantinori.”

Talking Points
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Frida Fjellman glass chandelier, 2016

“We are very excited to be showing the work of Frida Fjellman, a Swedish artist working in glass and ceramic. Fjellman has produced a series of prismatic glass chandeliers, works that play upon the wonderment of suspended art. Inspired by the form and color of precious gems, Fjellman plays in a subtly poetic way with proportion, magnifying the spectacle of these treasures.”

H.M. Luther

Specialists in rare and unique works by designers from Sweden and Denmark, Italy and France
Shop on 1stDibs H.M. Luther

Founded in 1947, H.M. Luther has a substantial history dealing 20th-century fine objects, lighting and furniture from Sweden, Denmark, Italy and France. James Harrison, director of H.M. Luther, says the gallery gravitates toward three criteria: “We like fine detailing, superior craftsmanship and the extraordinary.”

Neighborhood Haunts

Favorite Restaurant: Gotham Bar and Grill

“Great dining in a spacious, beautiful setting”

Talking Points
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Enrico Capuzzo and Paolo Venini Barchetta chandeliers, 1958

“Only four examples were produced by Venini for the general secretary of the Venice Biennale, Professor Rodolfo Pallucchini. Handblown and then hand-sculpted, these are more hanging sculptures than they are chandeliers.”

O’Sullivan Antiques

Specialists in Georgian and Regency furniture from Ireland and England
Shop on 1stDibs O’Sullivan Antiques

When founder Chantal O’Sullivan was in her 20s, her mother suggested that she help out by answering phones for an antiques dealer with whom the mother had done business and whose wife had become sick. “Eight years later, I had my own shop. I was bitten just like that.” She concentrates on Georgian and Regency furniture from Ireland and England, and she now has outposts in her native Dublin, where she opened her first shop, and in New York.


Neighborhood Haunts

Favorite Restaurant: OTTO Enoteca Pizzeria

“Mario Batali is a dear friend, so I'll run over to OTTO for lunch when I can.”

Talking Points
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English commode with hand-painted panels, early 19th century

“This remarkable commode combines a beautiful wood, masterful construction and uncommon artistry. The satinwood is stunning, with a dramatic grain, and the hand painting, in the manner of the celebrated 18th-century artist Angelica Kauffman, adds a further element of Neoclassical grandeur to the piece.”

Karl Kemp Antiques

Specialists in neoclassical, Biedermeier and Art Deco design

Karl Kemp credits his mother — or, rather, his mother’s collection — for sparking his interest in antiques. “I am drawn to architecturally inspired pieces from the 19th and 20th centuries,” Kemp says. “Mainly neoclassical, Biedermeier and Art Deco.” And, like many dealers, he can’t resist the hunt for new pieces. “I never stop looking.”

Talking Points
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Émile-Jacques Ruhlmann Art Deco tables, 1926

“This pair of extremely rare and well-documented Émile-Jacques Ruhlmann tables represents the highest level and, to most, the pinnacle of design in the past 100 years. The solid Macassar ebony and simple yet elegant lines transcend fads and trends. These tables exude ultimate luxury.”

Bernd Goeckler Antiques

Specialists in 20th-century design, with an emphasis on Italian lighting and fine European ceramics
Shop on 1stDibs Bernd Goeckler Antiques

“I’ve always favored Italian modernism, as well as French design from the 1940s, and I only look at unique pieces true to their period,” says Bernd Goeckler. His shop offers an impressive selection of Italian lighting and European ceramics. “Being a collector my entire life, I found this business gave me the opportunity to pursue my passion and work full-time with the objects I love.”

Talking Points
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Charles Ramos armchairs and ottoman, 1960s

“We love this design for its simplicity, elegance and wonderful gilded-aluminum frame, which is almost unique from this period.”

Eerdmans Fine Art

Specialists in furniture, art, lighting and objects from the 17th century through today

I’m not interested in being limited to just one period or style. The common denominators are high style and authenticity, whether a piece is 18th century or contemporary,” says Emily Evans Eerdmans. “I also love the quirky and fanciful.” Indeed, her gallery has everything from a 17th-century Belgian tapestry to Wendell Castle chairs, and Eerdman is always on the lookout. “Each day is an adventure — with new people to meet and objects to experience.”

Neighborhood Haunts

Best Framing: Dryden Framing

“It has been in the neighborhood for decades, and the owner, Mary, is a delight to work with.”

Favorite Coffee: Madman Espresso

“I start every day with an iced espresso.”

Talking Points
Shop Now
Chinese hand-painted paper folding screen, ca. 1780

My current favorite piece is an incredibly rare 18th-century Chinese screen hand-painted with potted trees and flowers in the freshest, pretty colors. One panel features the charming detail of a cat lurking behind a jardiniere while he watches a butterfly.”

Magen H Gallery

Specialists in modern and mid-century design, with an emphasis on postwar French creators
Shop on 1stDibs Magen H Gallery

“My curiosity has no limits,” says Hugues Magen, founder of Magen H Gallery, which focuses on postwar French pieces. “I acquire pieces with passion and follow my instinct with the desire to provide the most important pieces of French design to my collectors.” His curiosity has served him well, and the benefits of finding special objects go beyond business. “Those pieces tell a unique story, regarding how design can stretch limits and challenge our preconceived fundamentals.”

Neighborhood Haunts

Favorite Florist: Fleurs Bella

“It is a very charming store with an artistic atmosphere. Bella, who is also the granddaughter of Marc Chagall, creates beautiful and unique flower arrangements.”

Talking Points

Charles Cheriff Galleries

Specialists in fine 19th-century French furniture, chandeliers, sconces, mirrors, pianos, fireplaces, European porcelain, bronzes and marble sculptures

“Buy the best, and sell at a fair price,” says Jonathan Wachman, the fourth-generation proprietor of the family business, which, he adds, still adheres to his great-grandfather Charles Cheriff Wachman’s motto. Personally, he’s drawn to high-quality French and European antiques. “I learned from the very beginning that people want the best pieces, usually signed pieces. This is what we look for and collect.”

Neighborhood Haunts

Favorite Restaurant: Vapiano

“Vapiano is a wonderful pasta-and-salad restaurant.”

Antony Todd

Specialists in vintage home furnishings from around the globe.

“My point of view is rather eclectic,” says Antony Todd, who fell in love with New York when he visited the city in 1992. Before opening his gallery, the Australian-born Todd first made a name for himself as a floral and event designer, and he says that design is “very much a part of my DNA.” So, Todd says “a business in design was a natural course of events.”

Neighborhood Haunts

Favorite Lunch Spot: Roast Kitchen

“I like Roast on University for a quick, healthy salad on the run.”

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