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Georges Jouve "Toro" Charger
H 4.5 in. Dm 17.25 in.
Patrick Parrish
Morten Løbner Espersen Cylinder
H 9.5 in. Dm 11.75 in.
Paul Philp Ceramic Vessel no. 15
H 16 in. W 10 in. D 4 in.
Paul Philp Ceramic No. 33
H 7.75 in. W 15 in. D 11.25 in.
20th Century Nude Sculpture
H 9 in. W 20 in. D 14 in.
On Hold
Michael Del Piero Good Design
Red Aldo Londi Horse
H 10.24 in. W 9.06 in. D 3.15 in.
Michaela Bauer - Vintage Interiors
Strasbourg Porcelain Basket by Joseph Hannong
H 3.15 in. W 7.87 in. D 11.81 in.
Antiquites Damiano
1950s Italian Glazed Ceramic Vase
H 7.87 in. Dm 15.75 in.
Fragile Paris
Persian Vase
H 23.62 in. Dm 15.75 in.
Tic Tac
Large Ceramic Dish by Denise & Peter Orlando
H 1.57 in. W 19.88 in. D 14.17 in.
Artocarpus - Galerie Riviera
Lachenal Art Deco Ceramic Plate
H 1.6 in. Dm 10.75 in.
Rare Painted Creamware Mug of the Henry
H 5.5 in. W 6.5 in. D 4.4 in.
Earle Vandekar of Knightsbridge Inc.
Large Art Déco Vase by Edouard Cazaux, circa 1935
H 11.42 in. W 13.78 in. D 7.87 in.
Avant-Garde Gallery by Pierre Bosche
Ceramic Dish by Jacques Blin
H 2 in. W 6.25 in. D 10.5 in.
Jon Howell Antiques and Design
Wall Sculpture "Entrelacs" D'Agnes Debizet
H 26.77 in. W 12.6 in. D 7.09 in.
Galerie May
Vase by Suzanne Ramie
H 18.11 in. W 12.2 in. D 7.87 in.
Galerie Pierre Mahaux
Sandra Davolio Vessel
H 29.5 in. Dm 8.6 in.
J. Lohmann Gallery
Ceramic Horse
H 6.25 in. W 5.5 in. D 6.25 in.
Rayon Roskar
Ming Dynasty Cloisonn'e Enameled Bowl
H 2.25 in. W 9.5 in. D 9.5 in.
Revival Antiques
Chinese Celadon Crackle Glazed Jar
H 9 in. Dm 8.5 in.
On Hold
Pagoda Red
Pair of Large Celadon Vases
H 4 ft. 7.1 in. Dm 17.72 in.
Jan de Raad Art & Antiques
Creamware Theatrical Printed Jug, "Mr. Garrick"
H 8.27 in. W 5.31 in. D 7.28 in.
Anthony James and Son
Georges Jouve Ceramic Fish Bowl
H 1.75 in. Dm 5.5 in.
Just in Modern
Large Raku Vase
H 13 in. W 13 in. D 10.5 in.
Roman Warrior by Jean Derval
H 9.25 in. Dm 5.25 in.
Sam Kaufman Gallery
Longwy Earthenware  Elephant for Primavera
H 7 in. W 3.25 in. D 8.75 in.
Pascale Drieux Antiquites
Art Nouveau Couple Terracotta Reliefs
H 31.5 in. W 29.53 in. D 2.76 in.
Solo Antiguedades
Eggs Pol Chambost
H 5.91 in. Dm 4.72 in.
Fins De Siecles
Gilbert Portanier Charger
H 2 in. Dm 21.5 in.
Rayon Roskar
Stig Lindberg Charger
H 1.25 in. Dm 14.75 in.
Rayon Roskar
Porcelain Vessel by Sonja Duo-Meyer
H 5.5 in. W 7.5 in. D 7 in.
Weinberg Modern
Pol Chambost Egg Ceramic Box
H 4.53 in. W 6.3 in. D 4.33 in.
Olibil Olivier Biltereyst
Ceramic Sculpture of Man with Dog
H 10.5 in. W 2.75 in. D 4 in.
Fountain Shaped Centerpiece
H 17.3 in. W 25.5 in. D 17.7 in.
Pair of Japanese Glazed Ceramic Cats
H 19.25 in. W 9 in. D 6 in.
Dragonette Ltd
Dalo White Enameled Stoneware Lamp
H 16.93 in. Dm 12.99 in.
Galerie Sandy Toupenet