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Art Deco Male Bust by Alexander Kéléty
H 10 in. W 14 in. D 5.5 in.
The Edit
Set of Three 19th Century Busts
H 31.5 in. W 23.62 in. D 15.75 in.
Galerie Pierre Mahaux
Male Bust by Alexander Kéléty
H 21 in. W 12 in. D 10 in.
The Edit
Porcelain Art Nouveau Bust of a Girl
H 18 in. W 11 in. D 6.5 in.
Judy Frankel Antiques
Bust of Napoleon
H 23.62 in. W 14.17 in.
Drew Pritchard
Bust of Roman Figure
H 23 in. W 18 in. D 10 in.
O'Sullivan Antiques
H 24.41 in.
Hickmet Fine Arts
Bust of Neptune
H 20.86 in. W 15.74 in. D 9.84 in.
Frans Jochems, Marble Bust of a Girl
H 13 in. W 15 in. D 10 in.
Osuna Art & Antiques
H 22.83 in.
Hickmet Fine Arts
20th Century Art Nouveau Bust, After H.L. Blasche
H 24.41 in. W 15.75 in. D 9.84 in.
Rombouts Antiques
20th c. Marble Bust signed by J. Hardy
H 31 in. W 15 in. D 10 in.
Cote Jardin Antiques Los Angeles
1880s Marble Bust Of Caesar
H 24.25 in. W 14.25 in. D 10.75 in.
Revival Antiques
The Architect
H 40.94 in. W 4 ft. 7.9 in. D 4 ft. 4 in.
Marble Bust of a Boy
H 11 in. W 6 in. D 4 in.
Judy Frankel Antiques
Marble Bust of the Duke of Wellington
H 24 in. W 18 in. D 10 in.
Bronze Bust of Leonce Fuller
H 21 in. W 13 in. D 10 in.
Fresh Kills
Chiseled and Patinated Bronze Bust, France
H 29.13 in. W 20.47 in. D 12.6 in.
Antiquites Damiano
Bust by Roman Bronze Works
H 27 in. W 22 in. D 15 in.
Fresh Kills
composition bust of Euripides
H 21.5 in. W 12.25 in. D 10.5 in.
Nicholson's Antiques
Golden Girls
H 21.5 in. W 19 in. D 9 in.
Black & Gold
Bronze Bust of Robert Fulton
H 28.5 in. W 18 in. D 14 in.
David Duncan Antiques
Marijan Kockovic  Bronze Male Bust
H 24 in. W 10 in. D 15 in.
Black & Gold
Big Bohemian Bronze Bust
H 31 in. W 21 in. D 12 in.
Fresh Kills
1950's  Italian Plaster
H 17.72 in. W 21.26 in. D 11.81 in.
Wooden Head, Display 1900
H 21.65 in. W 6.69 in. D 7.87 in.
Old Europe
Charming 19th Century Bust of a Lady
H 16 in. W 9 in. D 7 in.
Acorn - Scandinavian Antiques & Accessories of Distinction
Italian 19th Century marble bust of Hera
H 17 in. W 8.5 in. D 9.5 in.
Combray Gallery
Head of Brontolone, Stucco Model, 1920
H 16.54 in. W 7.09 in. D 9.45 in.
Jan de Raad Art & Antiques
Antique Bronze Bust of Little Boy
H 14.5 in. W 13 in. D 6 in.
Tyler Galleries
Marble Bust of a Young Roman
H 20.87 in. D 10.24 in.
Jamb Ltd.
Large Marble Bust of Marcus Aurelius
H 37 in. W 32 in. D 17 in.
Alexander Westerhoff Antiques
Pair of Shona Busts
H 11 in. W 5.5 in. D 6.5 in.
Fresh Kills
Planes of the Head by John Asaro
H 13 in. W 7 in. D 5 in.
Antique Socrates Marble Bust
H 25.25 in. W 20 in. D 10 in.
Jayson Home
A Marble Bust of Julius Caesar
H 14 in. W 8 in. D 4 in.
Adrian Alan
German Historicism Bust of Saracen Princess 1896
H 19.69 in. W 12.99 in. D 8.66 in.
Old Europe
19th Century Victorian Iron Bust
H 26 in. W 16 in. D 13 in.
Olde Good Things NY
Vintage French Metal Hat Mannequin
H 19.5 in. W 10 in. D 9 in.
Art Nouveau Bronze Bust of a Woman
H 19 in. W 18 in. D 8 in.
Olde Good Things NY
Terracotta Bust
H 4 ft. 8 in. W 4 ft. 2 in. D 27 in.
Leenaars Antiquiteiten & Decoraties
Bust of David
H 28 in. W 13 in. D 17 in.
Tod Donobedian Antiques
18th Century Italian Walnut Bust
H 11 in. W 12.25 in. D 6.5 in.
Kirby Antiques
Bust of a Lady
H 35.04 in. W 18.11 in. D 12.99 in.
Themes and Variations
Büste by Karl F. Schmidt
H 22 in. W 14.88 in. D 8 in.
Dragonette Ltd
Terracotta Bust of an African Beauty
H 19 in. W 6 in. D 6 in.
Milord Antiques
"A Decision" Alabaster Bust
H 25 in. W 12.5 in. D 10.5 in.
Lawrence J Zinzi Antiques
Marble Bust of a Roman Emperor
H 27 in. W 19 in. D 6 in.
Belvedere Antiques
Head of The Venus de Milo
H 31.5 in. W 19.69 in. D 13.78 in.
Jan de Raad Art & Antiques
Bronze Bust of an Italian Diplomat
H 31.5 in. W 34 in. D 24 in.
19th Century French Bronze Bust
H 21.26 in. W 9.84 in. D 8.66 in.
A.J.M de Bruijn BV
19th Century Bust of Homerus
H 23.62 in. W 12.6 in.
Jan de Raad Art & Antiques
A Terracotta Bust
H 29.13 in. W 20.08 in.
Benjamin Franklin, After Houdon
H 23 in. W 15 in. D 11 in.
Cottage + Camp
19th Century Conquistador Bust
H 29.13 in. W 21.65 in. D 14.96 in.
Bust on a Pilar Marked Barbedienne
H 5 ft. 10.9 in. W 12.2 in. D 12.2 in.
On Hold
J.P. Banken Antiques & Collectibles