Marble Busts

Italian 19th-20th Century Marble Group "Allegory to Music" Children's Orchestra
Italian 19th-20th Century Marble Group "Allegor...
Antique Early 1900s Italian Beaux Arts Figurative Sculptures
Carrara Marble
A very fine and large Italian 19th-20th century Carrara marble group "Allegory to Music" depicting five Bacchic putti musicians playing various instruments. The finely carved Palatia...
Stunning White Carrara Marble Seneca Bust from the 19th Century
Stunning White Carrara Marble Seneca Bust from ...
Antique 19th Century European Busts
Carrara Marble
Stunning white carrara marble Seneca bust from the 19th century.
Bust of Roman Emperor Hadrian in Carrara White and Serpentine Green Marbles
Bust of Roman Emperor Hadrian in Carrara White ...
Late 20th Century Italian Classical Roman Busts
Bust of Roman emperor Hadrian in Carrara white and serpentine green marbles.
Important 18th Century French Marble Bust of Marie Antoinette after F. Lecomte
Important 18th Century French Marble Bust of Ma...
Félix Lecomte
Antique Late 18th Century French Louis XVI Busts
Carrara Marble
This large, antique white Carrara marble bust of Marie Antoinette was sculpted in Paris, France, circa 1780. The marble bust is crafted in the style of Felix Lecomte (French sculptor...
Early 20th Century Italian Carved Marble Composition on Wood Stand Signed A Gory
Early 20th Century Italian Carved Marble Compos...
Affortunato Gory
Early 20th Century Italian Busts
This highly detailed white marble composition is a beautiful example of 20th century sculpture. Crafted in Italy circa 1920, the carved bust of two young beauties sits on a separate,...
19th Century French White Marble Sculpture Bust of Queen Marie Antoinette Signed
19th Century French White Marble Sculpture Bust...
Antique 19th Century French Busts
Statuary Marble
A very impressive and important portrait of Queen Marie Antonette carved and signed by the sculptor A. Bartel. Carved in a very beautiful marble.
Two Marble Statues Signed L. Gregoire
Two Marble Statues Signed L. Gregoire
Antique 19th Century French Baroque Busts
Two finely carved marble child busts. On grey marble base. Signed. L. Gregoire. France late 19th century.
Pair of Roman Marble Busts
Pair of Roman Marble Busts
Antique 17th Century Busts
A fine pair of Roman statuary marble busts of Emperors, one of Caracalla, 17th century. Each on a later black marble socle.
Bronze Bust with a Base of Sea Green Marble, 19th Century, Period Neoclassical
Bronze Bust with a Base of Sea Green Marble, 19...
Antique 1820s French Neoclassical Busts
Bronze, Marble
Bronze bust with a base of sea green marble, 19th century. Period neoclassical. Measures: H 39cm, L 19cm, P 20cm.  
Large 19th Century Beautifully Weathered Carved Marble Bust of Prince Albert
Large 19th Century Beautifully Weathered Carved...
Antique Mid-19th Century Busts
A well executed and beautifully weathered, 19th century, carved marble bust of Queen Victoria's husband Prince Albert. This had been placed as a centrepiece, in the garden of a large...
Hand-Carved Bust of Roman Emperor Julius Caesar in Different Coloured Marbles
Hand-Carved Bust of Roman Emperor Julius Caesar...
Late 20th Century Italian Classical Roman Busts
Hand-carved bust of Roman emperor Julius Caesar in different coloured marbles.
Large Othello and Desdemona Bronze Busts on Red Marble Bases
Large Othello and Desdemona Bronze Busts on Red...
Late 20th Century Spanish Busts
Marble, Bronze
Large Othello and Desdemona bronze busts on red marble bases.
Carved Oval Marble Plaque of Female
Antique Early 19th Century Italian Wall-mounted Sculptures
The subject wears a shawl around her head. Her eyes are cast upwards. Two tear drops on her left cheek. Perhaps it depicts the Virgin Mary. The marble is decorated around the subjec...
Italian Carved Marble Bust of Woman on Pedestal
Mid-20th Century Italian Busts
Beautiful Italian carved white marble bust of woman with intricate lace work on her blouse and meticulous attention to detail throughout, rested on black and rouge marble pedestal. S...
19th Century French Marble Sculpture of Psyche ...
James Pradier
Antique 19th Century French Neoclassical Figurative Sculptures
Statuary Marble
The work of the artist are exposed in the most important city and museum in Paris for example at the Louvre museum, at the Opera, and in many other important sight. James Pradier wa...
19th Century Marble and Bronze Neoclassical Gar...
Antique 19th Century Grand Tour Busts
Belgian Black Marble
19th century marble and bronze neoclassical garnitures.
Marble Bust of Louis XIV
20th Century French Busts
Louis XIV, known as Louis the Great or Le Roi Soleil (Sun King) was a monarch who reigned as king of France from 1643 until his death in 1715. His reign of 72 years and 110 days is t...
Italian Carved Marble Bust of Girl, 19th Century
Antique 19th Century Italian Busts
19th century Italian carved marble bust of a maiden in classical robes and headdress. Meticulous attention is given to the details of the bust and especially on the facial features. ...
Fine 19th Century Neoclassical Marble Portrait ...
John Gibson, R. A.
Antique 19th Century Italian Neoclassical Busts
John Gibson R.A. (Conway, 1790-1866, Rome) Portrait Bust of a Gentleman, presumed to be Lord Frederick John Monson, 5th Baron Monson of Burton, Lincolnshire, England Executed circa...
Large 19th Century Neoclassical Greek Bronze Bu...
Antique 19th Century European Neoclassical Revival Busts
Bronze, Siena Marble
Large Greek bronze bust of Saturn on marble base the patinated bronze bust on sienna marble pedestal base. Saturn is the Greek god of time and the Romans identified Saturn with the G...
Guglielmo Pugi Fine Carved Alabaster Sculpture ...
Guglielmo Pugi
Antique Late 19th Century Italian Neoclassical Busts
Alabaster, Carrara Marble
Very fine carved sculpture of a young Pierrot by Guglielmo Pugi (1850-1915), late 19th century in alabaster and white Carrara marble foot. Signed on the back Pugi.
Pair of 19th Century French Patinated Bronze Busts
Antique 19th Century Neoclassical Busts
Marble, Bronze, Bronze
Pair of 19th century French patinated bronze busts on marble bases.
19th Century Bronze Sculpture of a Roman from G...
Hermann Gladenbeck
Antique 1880s German Neoclassical Figurative Sculptures
Belgian Black Marble, Breccia Marble, Bronze
Finely chiselled cast bronze statue of a Roman coming out of the bath putting on his sandals from the second half of the 19th century manufactured by the famous Berliner foundry Glad...
Marble Bust of Venus after Antonio Canova, Sign...
Pietro Bazzanti
Antique 1860s Italian Neoclassical Busts
A beautiful neoclassical hand-chiseled marble bust of venus after Antonio Canova, Signed Pietro Bazzanti, Florence. This beautiful bust was originally made by Antonio Canova (1757-18...
Marble Bust Diana with Marble Pedestal
Antique Late 19th Century Italian Neoclassical Busts
Marble, Belgian Black Marble, Siena Marble
Large white marble bust of Diana accompanied with a black and sienna marble pedestal. Diana was the goddess of the hunt, the moon, and nature in Roman mythology, associated with wild...

Iconic Sculpture of Torso Gaddi

By Raffaello Romanelli
Iconic Sculpture of Torso Gaddi
Raffaello Romanelli
2010s Italian Busts
A sculpture in precious white Carrara marble reproducing the Torso Gaddi, the famous fragmentary sculpture displayed in the Uffizi Museums in Florence, which inspired many great arti...
Italian White Marble Neoclassical Sculpture of ...
Bertel Thorvaldsen
21st Century and Contemporary Italian Neoclassical Figurative Sculptures
Statuary Marble
Bertel Thorvaldsen was a Danish sculptor of international fame, who spent most of his life in Italy, he was born in Copenhagen and was accepted to the Royal Danish Academy of Art whe...
17th Century Italian Carrara Marble Bust of a C...
Antique 17th Century Italian Classical Roman Busts
Finely carved classical Roman Carrara marble bust/head sculpture from the 17th century on a raised circular plinth.  
French Marble Bust or Sculpture of Madame Julie...
Antique Early 1900s French Busts
This turn of the 20th century solid marble bust depicts celebrated French beauty, Juliette Recamier, close friend of Josephine de Beauharnais, the first wife of Napoleon Bonaparte. C...
Carved Grey Veined and Black Marble Young Black...
20th Century Busts
A carved grey and black marble draped bust of a blackamoor from the 20th century resting on a black marble pedestal. This beautifully sculpted portrait presents a black marble face w...
Grand Tour Bronze of Dionysius
Antique 19th Century Italian Grand Tour Busts
Stone, Metal
Grand Tour bronze bust of Dionysius. After the original ancient bust found in Herculaneum. Mounted on a marble column. The model is occasionally, alternately identified as Plato or P...
Large Carved Neoclassical Greco-Roman Style Mar...
20th Century French Greco Roman Busts
Neoclassical marble bust. Impressive in both size and scale, this classical two-tone marble bust represents a bearded man with a crown of laurel upon his handsome curly hair, and a c...
Carved Marble Bust of a Lady with Moon and Stars
Antique 19th Century Italian Art Nouveau Busts
White marble bust of woman with shooting stars, Italy, 19th century. Dimension: 19 in. height (48.3cm).
19th Century Italian Classical Marble Bust of V...
Antique Late 19th Century Italian Classical Greek Busts
Carrara Marble
Psyche of Capua. White marble bust of Venus, after antique. Italy, late 19th century. Inscribed, 'Chiurazzi.' Measures: 21 in. (53.3 cm) height.
Mid-Century Modern Brass Gazelle Sculpture with...
Vintage 1960s American Mid-Century Modern Animal Sculptures
Brass, Marble
Midcentury hand-forged sculpture of stylized gazelle or ibex. Minor patinated spots on brass adds to its vintage beauty. Features a hand polished exotic marble base in hues of black ...
Antique Italian Marble Bust by Aristide Petrilli
Aristide Petrilli
Antique 1890s Italian Neoclassical Busts
Carrara Marble
Exquisitely rendered Carrara marble bust of a young Florentine nobleman by Aristide Petrilli. Signed in verso: 'Gall Prof Petrilli, Firenze.' Aristide Petrilli, born in Tivoli, La...
Marble Portrait Bust of George Boole, F.R.S. by...
Thomas Earle
Antique Mid-19th Century English Neoclassical Busts
Thomas Earle (1810-1876) was a distinguished 19th century English sculptor who regularly exhibited at the Royal Academy and was honoured by that institution with a gold medal for his...
Brass Carnival Mask Mounted on Black Marble
Vintage 1960s Italian Mid-Century Modern Busts
Brass, Marble
This alluring, brass carnival mask has a striking presence. Floating atop a black marble base, this life sized face seems almost to be a casting it is so lifelike - the expression se...
Large, Carved Marble Bust/ Head of Quan 'Kuan/ ...
20th Century Chinese Sculptures and Carvings
Beautiful marble Quan Yin. Very large and incredibly heavy (needs additional padding on underside to help balance the bust so that it can stand up properly). Nicely carved and detail...
Italian 19th Century Carrara Marble Figure of "...
Fortunato Galli
Antique 19th Century Italian Rococo Revival Figurative Sculptures
A very finely carved Italian 19th century Carrara marble figure of "Carmen" by Professore Fortunato Galli (Italian, d. 1918), Florence, depicting the beautiful Gypsy Seductress in Ge...
Alfred Boucher Silvered Bronze, Late 19th Century
Alfred Boucher
Antique Late 19th Century French Art Nouveau Figurative Sculptures
Marble, Bronze
A silvered bronze by Alfred Boucher (1850-1934) mounted on a white marble base. Signed "A.Boucher" on the marble base. This work can be compared to his most famous model "Les Coure...
Stunning 18th Century Lifesize Marble Bust of A...
Antique 18th Century and Earlier Italian Neoclassical Statues
Statuary Marble
Hand-carved from marble after the Apollo Belvedere and dating to the late 18th century, this exquisite life-sized bust is in excellent condition, with only a very old and invisible r...
Stunning Large Italian 19th Century White Marbl...
Italian School
Antique 19th Century Italian Classical Roman Busts
We are delighted to offer for sale this rare and quite exquisite 19th-century Italian white marble bust of a Maiden draped with flowers, a headscarf and necklace A very romantic a...
19th Century Head of Zeus in Marble
Antique 1840s Italian Busts
An Italian Rosso Verona marble sculpture or mask of Zeus, positioned onto an antique marble plinth, circa 1840. Similar can be viewed at the temple collection in the British museum i...
Carve Roman Marble Bust of Ceres by Clerici
Leone Clerici
Antique Late 19th Century Italian Neoclassical Busts
Marble Bust of Ceres Signed by Clerici, Roma 1900 --Beautifully executed signed. On later serpentine marble plinth
French Antique Marble Bust of a Maiden by Eugèn...
E. Laurent
Antique Late 19th Century French Romantic Busts
Depicting a young maiden wearing a bonnet, on a veined white marble pedestal. This antique work is a rare example of a marble bust by the French sculptor Laurent, making it an ext...
Italian 19th Century Carrara Marble Sculpture o...
Raffaele Belliazzi
Antique 19th Century Italian Expressionist Figurative Sculptures
Marble, Carrara Marble
A very fine Italian 19th century carved carrara marble sculpture Group Titled "LA GIOIA NELL'INNOCENZA DOPO IL LAVORO" (The Joy of Innocence After Labour) by Professor Raffaele Belli...
French 19th, 20th Century Life-Size Marble and ...
Henri Weigèle
Antique 1890s French Busts
Statuary Marble, Bronze
A Very Fine and Impressive French 19th, 20th Century Life-Size White Marble and Gilt-Bronze Bust of a Young Girl, in the manner of Henri Weigele (French, 1858-1927). The beautifully ...
French 19th Century White Marble Bust of "Marie...
Félix Lecomte
Antique 19th Century French Louis XVI Busts
Carrara Marble
A very fine and large french 19th century white marble bust of "Marie Antoinette" (Queen of France 1755-1793) in the style of Félix Lecomte (1737-1817). The beautifully ca...
Pair of French 19th Century Patinated Bronze Fi...
Albert Ernest Carrier-Belleuse
Antique Late 19th Century French Beaux Arts Figurative Sculptures
Bronze, Marble
Very fine and monumental pair of French 19th century patinated bronze figural torchere sculptures titled "La Nuit" (The Night) attributed to Albert Carrier-Belleuse (French, 1824-188...
Lifesize French 19th-20th Century Carved Marble...
Felix Charpentier
Antique Early 1900s French Greco Roman Figurative Sculptures
A lifesize French 19th-20th century carved marble sculpture of "Venus and Cupid" attributed to Felix Maurice Charpentier (French, 1858-1924). The tall and slender nude figure of a ma...
French Early 20th Century Art Deco Marble Figur...
Affortunato Gory
Antique Early 1900s French Art Deco Figurative Sculptures
Carrara Marble
A fine French early 20th century Art Deco white marble figure of a kneeling nude beauty, attributed to Affortunato Gory (Gori) (Italian, 1895-1925). The kneeling nude figure of a you...
French Art-deco-orientalist Spelter of a Nude Y...
Louis Hottot
Antique Early 1900s French Art Deco Figurative Sculptures
Art Glass, Spelter, Marble
An Imposing fine and large French Art-Deco Spelter (Petit-bronze) figure of a standing semi-nude orientalist maiden in a brown patina, attributed to Louis Hottot (French, 1834-1905)....
Gustave Obiols Bronze Woman Bust Sculpture Marb...
G. Obiols
Antique 19th Century French Art Deco Busts
Bronze, Marble
Elegant bust of woman with green patina, resting on a marble base. Art Nouveau / Art Deco Dimensions: total height 20,00 cm, marble height 4.50 cm, marble base 18.00 cm * 11...
Bust of Alexander the Great
Antique Late 18th Century Italian Neoclassical Busts
An imposing work of extraordinary artistry, this marble bust captures the visage of Alexander the Great, the Macedonian King who is one of the most legendary figures in history. Crow...
19th Century Louis-Robert Carrier-Belleuse Marb...
Louis Robert Carrier-Belleuse
Antique Late 19th Century French Romantic Busts
Bronze, Marble
This late 19th Century bust was executed by French painter and sculptor Louis-Robert Carrier-Belleuse (1848–1913), son and pupil of renowned sculptor Albert-Ernest Carrier-Belleuse. ...
Impressively Large Female Art Deco Figure
Mid-20th Century Italian Art Deco Figurative Sculptures
Bronze, Spelter, Marble
For your consideration is this Impressively large and beautiful Art Deco figure originating from Italy. These figures are not often found of this dimension, certainly we haven't had ...
Italian Lapini School Victorian Carved Marble B...
Cesare Lapini
Antique 19th Century Italian Victorian Busts
Italian Lapini School well executed and highly detailed Victorian carved marble bust depicts young girl with bonnet, bow, and lace trimmed cape, 19th century Measures: 14.5" H x 9...
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