Signed "Profilo Continuo" Profile of Mussolini by ...
Renato Bertelli
Vintage 1930s Italian Futurist Sculptures
In the 1930s, Renato Bertelli, (1900-1974) created the so called continuous profile of Mussolini which is characterized by the centrifugal dynamic execution, representing the artist's i...
Marble Bust of Juliette Récamier
Polstjernan Stockholm
Marble Bust of Juliette Récamier
Guglielmo Pugi
Antique Late 19th Century Italian Sculptures
Carrara Marble
A beautiful bust depicting Juliette Récamier (1777-1849) who was a famous French society leader and intellectual. The bust is signed by the Italian artist Guglielmo Pugi (1850-1915...
Plaster Bust by Important American Designer Rima
Rima Padova
Vintage 1950s American Sculptures
A rare and beautiful plaster bust by the noted artist Rima. She worked for many important jewelry houses and was commissioned to do many important plaster sculptures of the rich and fam...
Jules 'J.S.' Vermeire, Art Deco Hard Stone Female ...
Jules Vermeire
Vintage 1920s Dutch Art Deco Sculptures
Mahogany, Stone
Jules Seraphien Vermiere followed his training at the Academy of Fine Arts in Ghent and Antwerp (BE). Up to 1912 he worked primarily in wood and the horns of animals. From 1914 until hi...
Late 19th Century Small Child's Bust White Carrara...
Antique Late 19th Century Austrian Sculptures
Carrara Marble
Lovely and very decorative small hand-carved "White Carrara" marble sculpture, represents smiling child dressed with a hat. Late 19th century, certainly made in Austria, circa 1890.  ...
Exceptional Gothic Wood Figure of Saint Florian, G...
Antique 16th Century Sculptures
Carved wood figure of St. Florian. Pouring water onto a burning miniature castle. South German, Swabia, early 16th century. Limewood. Height: 87cm., 34¼ inches. Provenance: Dr. Gus...
Female Marble Bust in the Classical Style
Antique 19th Century European Classical Roman Sculptures
Set on a removable custom polished steel base, a classical style white marble bust of a woman.
18th Century Marble Bust of Julius Caesar
Polstjernan Stockholm
18th Century Marble Bust of Julius Caesar
Antique Late 18th Century European Neoclassical Sculptures
Carrara Marble
Bust made in white Carrara marble depicting the young Julius Caesar.
1870s German Plaster Sculpture Anatomical Torso Mo...
Antique 1870s German Sculptures
A rare polychrome plaster cast of anatomic human female torso model standing on rectangular base, a German hand-painted plaster instructional anatomical model signed on the base by G. S...
Pair of 19th Century Empire Medallions
Antique Early 19th Century French Empire Sculptures
Bronze, Ormolu
A pair of bronze"ormulu" medallions surely representing Saint Peter and Saint Paul.
Polychrome Terracotta Bust of a North African Man ...
Antique Late 19th Century Austrian Sculptures
The model by Arthur Strasser, model no. 768. Mark for Friedrich Goldscheider, Vienna; also bearing retailer's label 'C.H. Weber, STRASBOURG'.
20th Century Plaster Bust of Mythological Figure
20th Century Unknown Classical Roman Sculptures
Paint, Plaster
This fabulous bust is very heavy and stands with great presence on its base. It has been hand finished in a rusted metal finish.
Monumental Art Deco Plaster Bust of Paul Signac, b...
Jan et Jöel Martel
Early 20th Century French Art Deco Sculptures
Bust of Paul Signac (1863-1935), 1935. By Jan and Joël Martel (Nantes 1896 – 1966 Paris). Signed J.J. MARTEL on the side of the base and inscribed Paul Signac on the front. Patinated p...
1970s Elvis Presley & Charlie Chaplin Ceramic Bust...
Morris Rushton, Flesh Pots
Vintage 1970s English Modern Sculptures
1970s lifesize ceramic busts designed and manufactured by Morris Rushton for the 'Hollywood Greats' collection by Flesh Pots, UK. White glaze ceramic. Charlie Chaplin and Elvis Pr...
Good Mid-20th Century Plaster Death Mask of a Youn...
Mid-20th Century French Sculptures
The lifesize thick heavy set plaster moulded death mask, well cast of a young gentleman, showing him in the serenity of passing, surviving from the first half of the 20th century and pr...
Jo Mead Sculpture
Redefined Decor
Jo Mead Sculpture
Jo Mead
20th Century American Neoclassical Sculptures
Paint, Plaster
A Jo Mead plaster lion's head painted sculpture mounted on a custom acrylic stand. Jo Mead (American, 1919-2000) found in an important lake forest, Illinois David Adler estate.
Bronze Patinated Plaster Sculpture of a Nude Woman...
Vintage 1970s Canadian Sculptures
This plaster female nude is impressive in its design and form. It is unsigned but clearly shows the skill and technique of an experienced sculptor. Also exhibits nice vintage patina.
Carved Stone Bust of Apollo, Art Deco, French, cir...
Jean-Louis Chorel
Early 20th Century French Art Deco Sculptures
By Jean-Louis Chorel (French, 1875-1946), French, circa 1930, signed. Reddish limestone. Height: 45 cm. / 18 inches overall. This bust is a unique, highly inventive and finely carved...
Bust of Perseus
Barbara Israel Garden Antiques
Bust of Perseus
Italian Sculptures
A fine carved marble bust in the neoclassical style, representing Perseus, after the original full sized figure by Antonio Canova (1757-1822). Canova’s original “Perseus with Head of...
19th Century Wedgwood Black Basalt Minerva Bust
Antique Late 19th Century English Sculptures
A wonderful 19th century Wedgwood black basalt Minerva bust. Minerva was the goddess of wisdom and sponsor of arts, trade and strategy. This signed piece features a stately double ram...
Particularly Large Mid-20th Century Plaster Death ...
Mid-20th Century English Sculptures
The particularly large lifesize three quarter bust thick heavy set plaster moulded death mask in ochre, of a large gentleman, showing him in the serenity of passing, and of particularly...
Luciano Achille Mauzán Antique Advertising Head P...
Achille Luciano Mauzan
Vintage 1920s Argentine Art Deco Sculptures
The head of Geniol: 1926, times of Art Deco, the French artist Lucien Achille Mauzán she settled in Argentina. In six years, until he decides his return to France, his work in the adve...
Carved Marble Bust of a Young Noble Lady, French, ...
Antique 19th Century French Baroque Sculptures
A fine marble bust of a young noble lady, carved in the flamboyant Baroque manner. French, 19th century. White marble on a circular socle and square base. Height: 86cm / 33¾ inches.
Contemporary Italian Bust Sculpture in Terra Cotta...
Giovanni Ginestroni
21st Century and Contemporary Italian Sculptures
Iron, Terracotta
An exclusive contemporary work of Art by the Italian artist Ginestroni. A bust in terra cotta exceptionally crafted with a finish that emulates metal, this one smooth with "couture" hig...
Terracotta Bust
Terracotta Bust
Augustin Pajou
Antique Early 19th Century French Neoclassical Sculptures
A fine terracotta bust of a noblewoman, on a veined mauve marble socle. Provenance. Previously with Frank Partridge & Sons Ltd, November, 1968. Private Collection, London.
Bronze Art Deco Flying Lady Bust Statue, Car Masco...
Art Deco Sculptures
You are viewing an amazing Art Deco style bronze bust showing a male (or perhaps female) head who\'s hair fans out at the back into a wing. In tune with the Art Deco pre-occupation with...
Fine Antique 19th Century Classically Inspired Fem...
Sir Joseph Edgar Boehm
Antique Mid-19th Century English Victorian Sculptures
Marble, Statuary Marble
A very fine statuary white marble sculpture bust of the lady raised on a Belgium / French rouge marble stepped socle. Although unsigned, the exquisite detail of flowers in the hair, the...
Double Marble Bust with Two Children’s Heads, Very...
20th Century Italian Sculptures
Double marble bust with two children’s heads. Very heavy. Sign. A. Gory for Affortunato Gory, a well listed Italian artist. Measures: Heights: 25 cm. (10"). Condition: Near perf...
Bronze Bust of King George V on Marble Base, 19th ...
Antique 19th Century French Sculptures
Bronze bust of King George V on marble base, 19th century. Cast and patinated bronze with great details.
Unusual Bronze Sculpture Bust of Man Head
20th Century Sculptures
Offering this bronze bust of a man with an unusual, strong face. Overall dimensions: 19" H x 9" W x 9.5" D.
Spectacular Gilt Bronze of Reclining Roman Woman, ...
Antique 19th Century Sculptures
Bronze, Gold Leaf
Spectacular gilt bronze of reclining Roman woman, beautiful gilt finish.
Charming Gilt Bronze Bust of a Woman
Antique 19th Century French Neoclassical Sculptures
Gold Leaf
Charming gilt bronze bust of a woman, spectacular gilt finish.
Ludwig van Beethoven Cast Iron Bust, Late 20th Cen...
Late 20th Century Unknown Expressionist Sculptures
Ludwig van Beethoven cast iron bust resting on round plinth, Late 20th century.
Ercole from the Farnese Collection, Plaster Bust, ...
Mid-20th Century Italian Sculptures
Originally Ercole Farnese is an Hellenistic marble statue by Glycon Ateniese. It is dated around III century AC and it is located in the Naples Archeological national museum, as it is s...
19th Century Wedgwood Black Basalt Bust of James W...
Antique 19th Century British Romantic Sculptures
Wedgwood black basalt bust of James Watt wearing loose drapes on a socle base. After the original bust made in 1859 in England by E.W. Wyon who was known for his statues of Watt in carr...
Original Plaster Bust by Olin Levi Warner, Dated 1...
Olin Levi Warner
Antique Late 19th Century American Sculptures
This original sculpture, signed and dated 1880, by renowned American Olin Levi Warner (1844-1896) of stately gentleman rests on a black marble plinth. Warner was known for sculpting man...
Bust of a Roman Politician Marcus Junius Brutus
20th Century European Sculptures
A copy of a Roman politician Marcus Junius Brutus (85 BC-42 BC). Sold without Pedestal. Marcus Junius Brutus June 85 BC–23 October 42 BC, often referred to as Brutus, was a politi...
Large 20th Century French Bronze Bust Signed "A. D...
Early 20th Century French Sculptures
Imposing antique bust of Raymond Poincare signed and dated "A. Descatoire, 1913", using the lost-wax casting. Lost-wax casting (also called "investment casting", "precision casting", or...
American Philadelphia Centennial Glass Bust of Wil...
Antique 1870s American Victorian Sculptures
American Philadelphia Centennial frosted colorless pressed and acid-etched glass bust of William Shakespeare by Gillinder Glass Works, Philadelphia. Embossed "SHAKSPEARE" [sic] on th...
Carved Bust of the God Janus
On Hold
Martell and Suffin Antiques
Carved Bust of the God Janus
Antique Late 19th Century Italian Neoclassical Sculptures
In ancient Roman religion and myth, Janus is the god of beginnings, gates, transitions, time, doorways, passages, and endings. He is usually depicted as having two faces, since he looks...
Art Nouveau Patinated Plaster Bust
Early 20th Century French Art Nouveau Sculptures
French Art Nouveau patinated plaster bust of an elegantly coiffed young woman, circa 1900. Base measures 7.5 inches in diameter.
Italian Vintage Classic Hermes Capitolino Bust
Antique Late 19th Century Italian Classical Roman Sculptures
Cast Stone
Olympian god representation, attributed image to Antinoo Capitolino also known as Antinoo Albani; composed of "grisaglia" cement mixture of tiny stones, impregnated with lichen from agi...
Faux Painted Bust
Rumi Antiques
Faux Painted Bust
Antique 19th Century Italian Sculptures
A late 19th-early 20th century carved faux painted bust of a Roman Emperor.
Draped Arm with Closed Hand in Plaster
Joevin Ortjens Galerie
Draped Arm with Closed Hand in Plaster
20th Century French Neoclassical Sculptures
Magnificent and rare draped plaster arm. Please contact us for delivery details.
Lucite Classical Bust
Darrell Dean Antiques
Lucite Classical Bust
Vintage 1970s Sculptures
Intriguing classical style bust cast in solid Lucite.
Bust of a Roman Emperor Caracalla
Windsor House Antiques Ltd
Bust of a Roman Emperor Caracalla
20th Century European Sculptures
A copy of a Roman Emperor Caracalla (188-217 AD). Sold without Pedestal. Caracalla was the popular nickname of Antoninus (4 April 188 – 8 April 217), who was Roman emperor from 19...
19th Century Grand Tour Marble Bust of Caesar
Antique 19th Century European Grand Tour Sculptures
A fine example of a 19th century grand tour marble bust of Caesar attached to a round base or plinth, in very good overall condition, with minor restorations, losses and imperfections i...
'a Loving Mother' Sculpture by Canaan Chikumbirike...
Canaan Chikumbirike
Vintage 1970s Zimbabwean Sculptures
A beautifully carved wooden sculpture by African artist Canaan Chikumbirike. Signed and dated '11-1-1977' on base. Stands 12 1/2 inches tall. Canaan Chikumbirike was born with his yo...
Surrealist Head and Hands Sculpture by Margery Gol...
Pedro Friedeberg
Mid-20th Century American American Craftsman Sculptures
A large stack laminated finely carved mahogany sculpture of head with shoulders and hands in the exotic surrealist manner of Pedro Friedeberg by noteworthy American artist sculptor and ...
Antique Concrete Male Bust
Joevin Ortjens Galerie
Antique Concrete Male Bust
20th Century European Classical Roman Sculptures
Concrete, Plaster
Antique concrete male bust with plaster column. Please contact us for delivery details.
19th Century Bust of an Arab Girl
Windsor House Antiques Ltd
19th Century Bust of an Arab Girl
Antique 19th Century French Sculptures
A late 19th century marble bust of an Arab beauty, the crazed body over the turned socle.
Original Bronze Viking Bust by Fritz Neuhaus
Fritz Neuhaus
Antique Late 19th Century German Sculptures
Viking bust by German artist Fritz Neuhaus (1852-1922), titled 'Wikinger' on the base. Fritz Neuhaus was a German painter and professor of art. There is no mention of sculpting bronz...
Cast Bronze, Classical Bust, after the Antique
20th Century Unknown Classical Greek Sculptures
A classical bust of a bearded man in bronze on a custom stand, after the antique, finely cast with great patina.
Two Classical Roman Cast Stone Busts
20th Century Italian Hellenistic Sculptures
Cast Stone
Two classical Roman cast stone busts on socles. After 43 years of business we are retiring. Everything must be sold. Many of the pieces listed here on 1stdibs represent markdowns be...
Antique A. Carrier Signed Bronze Bust of Belgrano ...
Antique 19th Century French Sculptures
Bronze, Marble
Offering this antique bronze bust on a marble base with double inkwells signed by A. Carrier. Measures 15" H x 20" W x 11.5" D. The bust is of Manuel Belgrano. There are some chips in t...
Large Italian 19th Century Carved Carrara Marble F...
Antique Late 19th Century Italian Bohemian Sculptures
Carrara Marble, Marble
A very fine and large Italian 19th century carved Carrara marble figure of a fisherman boy with a straw-hat titled "THO PRESO!... (The catch) depicting a young boy standing by the sea s...
Large Antique Porcelain Bust of Apollo of Belveder...
Albert Gilles
Antique 19th Century French Neoclassical Sculptures
A large and quite impressive antique neoclassical porcelain Bust of Apollo of Belvedere, signed and engraved in the back. French mid-1800s. Measures: Height: 26". Width: 18". Depth...
Roman Bust of Marcus Aurelius
John J. Gredler Works of Art, Inc.
Roman Bust of Marcus Aurelius
Antique 19th Century Italian Neoclassical Sculptures
Impressive Roman composition bust of Marcus Aurelius on a painted plinth, Italian, 19th century. Marcus Aurelius (26 April, 121-17 March, 180 AD) was Roman Emperor from 161-180. He r...