Through Their Lens 

Jennifer Mack-Watkins

Jennifer Mack-Watkins photo by Miranda Barnes
Jennifer Mack-Watkins: Black Boy Hope I, 2021
Black Boy Hope I, 2021

“My advice to younger creatives is to continue to share, exhibit, create, converse with other artists to make an impact and take up space in the art world.”

Jennifer Mack-Watkins: Black Warhol, 2011
Black Warhol, 2011

Marcus Maddox

Marcus Maddox portrait by Miranda Barnes
Marcus Maddox: Ommahdi No.1, 2018
Ommahdi No.1, 2018

“I hope my photographs give viewers a sense of the human condition, whether that condition is shown through emotional expression, color or form. It’s essential for my photographs to contain a level of human candor.”

LaJuné McMillian

LaJuné McMillian portrait by Miranda Barnes
Self Portrait 13, 2021

“I love being Black.
I love being a Black artist. I hope my practice continues to inspire me to step into Blackness, to love it more each day and to thrive in it.”

Self Portrait 14, 2021

Frank Stewart

Frank Stewart portrait by Miranda Barnes
Jazz Photograph of Miles Davis by Frank Stewart, 1981, titled Miles in the Green Room
Miles in the Green Room, 1981

“There is a saying, ‘When you see my images, you see me.’ The impetus for my imagery has been culturally motivated, centering around the tenets of it, language, food, dance and music.”

Frank Stewart: The Bow, 1997
The Bow, 1997

Kendall Bessent

Kendall Bessent: Jordan & Taiwo, 2020
Jordan & Taiwo, 2020

“My work is created from the viewpoint and mindset of an African American male who grew up in the South and is going through life, becoming the person he was meant to be. My work evolves as I grow as an individual.”

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