This year’s nominees for the Tony Award for Best Musical — Bright Star, Waitress, Shuffle Along, School of Rock and, of course, the record-breaking Hamilton — span centuries and styles (both musical and aesthetic) in their much-lauded storytelling. But they all share an undeniable knack for transporting audiences to richly developed all-encompassing worlds, which can be far off (colonial New York) or achingly familiar (an Everytown elementary school). To celebrate these worthy contenders, one of which will take home top honors on Sunday, June 13, we’ve rounded up furnishings, fashions, fine art and collectibles from 1stdibs dealers that evoke the shows’ characters, themes and sets. When you take them home, they’ll provide the drama. You just add the music.


Oh, Alexander Hamilton
When America sings for you
Will they know what you overcame?
Will they know you rewrote the game?
The world will never be the same, oh.

1. Revenue Cutter service flag1880–95, offered by Jeff R. Bridgman American Antiques 2. Federal candle stand, ca. 1810, offered by the Stanley Weiss Collection 3. West Indies planters chair, 20th century, offered by Bonnin Ashley Antiques 4. Set of John Manton and Son percussion dueling pistols, 1825–40, offered by Daniels Antiques 5. Pair of neoclassical card tables, late 18th century, offered by Hirschl & Adler 6. Pocket flintlock tinder lighter, late-18th century, offered by Anna’s Warehouse & Marketplace 7. Hamilton, 2015, by RT Houben, offered by DTR Modern Galleries

School of Rock

And if you wanna be the teacher’s pet
Well, baby, you just better forget it.
Rock got no reason, rock got no rhyme
You better get me to school on time.

1. Led Zeppelin original band T-shirt, 1970s, offered by One of a Kind Archive 2. Vintage microphone and stand, 1940s, offered by Mod Livin’ 3. Jean Prouvé–style industrial stacking school chairs, 1960s, offered by Amsterdam Modern 4. Poul Kjærholm teacher’s desk, 1955, offered by Galerie Le Beau 5. Fender Telecaster guitar autographed by Bruce Springsteen, ca. 1992, offered by NYC Modern 6. Westwood & McLaren Let It Rock! Teddy Boy silk tie, ca. 1971, offered by One of a Kind Archive 7. Junya Watanabe punk kilt, 2002, offered by Glen Usk

Bright Star

I’m ready for my life to begin.
I’m ready for it all to start.
My heart’s about to bust.
Don’t lead the way, I must
Follow my own bright star.

1. Red print dress, 1940s, offered by Vetta Vintage 2. Full military chest, 1950s, offered by ALM 3. Pair of Windsor chairs, 18th century, offered by East Meets West Antiques 4. Roger Capron ceramic jugs, ca. 1950, offered by Artocarpus 5. Beaded platform shoes, 1940s, offered by Decades of Fashion 6. Folk art banjo, 20th century, offered by Just Folk 7. Waves government poster, 1944, by John Falter, offered by La Belle Epoque


You wanna know what’s inside?
I could tell you if I wasn’t hiding.
My whole life is in here,
In this kitchen, baking
What a mess I’m making.

1. Michaele Vollbracht plaid apron gown, 1980s, offered by Regeneration 2. Empire Diner, New York City, 1979, by Robert Farber, offered by IFAC Arts 3. Wurlitzer Americana II jukebox, 1968, offered by Van Steebergen di Resta 4. Iron bar stools attributed to Mathieu Mategot, 1950s, offered by Stephan Getzlaff 5. Chanel Vinyl bag, offered by Rewind 6. Miller High Life Beer Can, 2016, by Karen Shapiro, offered by Bonner David Galleries

Shuffle Along

. . . don’t start a-singing the blues,
But just you shuffle along,
And whistle a song.
Why, sometimes a smile will right every wrong.
Keep smiling and shuffle along.


1. B. Altman couture flapper dress, 1920s, offered by Timeless Vixen 2. Art Deco onyx, diamond and platinum ring, ca. 1925, offered by Sheila Goldfinger 3. Vacheron & Constantin for Tiffany & Co. platinum pocket watch, 1920s, offered by Peter Suchy Jewelers 4. Flapper beaded bag, 1920s, offered by Katy Kane 5. Steinway grand piano, 1921, offered by Galleria d’Epoca 6. Carved sapphire and diamond jabot pin brooch, 1920s, offered by TMW Jewels Co. 7. Candid photograph of Josephine Baker, 1950s, offered by Capital Art

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