If you’re looking for love (or just a Valentine’s date), today’s mobile apps can make it easy to meet your match. 1stdibs has long served a similar function, helping shoppers find rare luxury items that are perfect for them, whether they use our sophisticated search functionality to narrow down their options (tall, dark and handsomely carved mahogany) or just browse through our listings to chance upon the chic, sophisticated Grace Kelly (bag) or Kate Moss (black-and-white photograph) of their dreams. With that in mind and inspired — loosely — by a few popular dating sites, we’ve had some fun here pairing fashion, furniture, jewelry and art objects from 1stdibs. Some matches may strike you as obvious, while others appear random, but the chemistry works. Which is a lot like love in real life, no matter how you find it.


The pioneering dating site helps multitudes find marvelous mates. Sparks will fly.

Globe match striker, 1916, offered by Smith & Robinson, and Art Deco cigarette box, 1929, offered by Pullman Gallery

Black and white 12, 2014, by Leo Reinfeld, offered by Contempop Gallery, and yin and yang pedestals, 2015, offered by Glustin

Pair of Piero Fornasetti Altuglas decorative elements, 1970s, offered by Galerie Georges Bac

Steven Fox Sun and Moon cufflinks, 21st century, offered by Steven Fox Jewelry, and Visage dans un ovale, 1955, by Pablo Picasso, offered by Heather James Fine Art

Female Ostrich-Profile and Male Ostrich-Profile, both 2016, by Heather Lancaster, offered by Spalding Nix Fine Art, LLC

Untitled, 2001, 2001, by Chuck Close, offered by Michael Lisi/Contemporary Art, and Untitled (Mouth to Mouth 3), 2014, by Nikki Rosato, offered by Jonathan Ferrara Gallery

Pair of Vladimir Kagan swivel chairs, 1980s, offered by Royle, and pair of Jean Dudon sculptural chairs, ca. 1970, offered by the Warehouse


The quiz-heavy app is named for the ultimate matchmaker, who’s partial to arrows and a certain pastel shade.

Ruby and gold Broken Heart ring, 2014, offered by Solange Ltd., and platinum and gold Cartier jabot, ca. 1920, offered by FD

Rose-gold and mother-of-pearl Diana intaglio ring, offered by Diane Griswold Johnston, and enamel cufflinks, 2014, offered by Donald Edge

Marilyn with Pink Roses, 1962/2012, by Bert Stern, offered by Michael Lisi/Contemporary Art and Lotus Flower (pink), 2010, by Takashi Murakami, offered by Michael Lisi/Contemporary Art

Claude Fraisse plaster sculpture, ca. 1940, offered by Milord Antiques, and Love Is A Pink Cake, 1952, by Andy Warhol, offered by Long-Sharp Gallery

The Dream, 2012, by Dina Goldstein, offered by Art Mûr, and Lovers, 1982, by George Tooker, offered by Michael Lisi/Contemporary Art

I Am My Beloved’s And His Desire Is Towards Me, 1984, by Robert Russin, offered by Trigg Ison Fine Art, and God’s Own Junkyard neon sign, 21st century, offered by Lights of Soho


The under-the-radar dating app for celebrities aims to make legendary matches like these.

Three Faces of Karl, 1991, by Roxanne Lowit, offered by Preiss Fine Art Photographers Limited Editions, and Karl Lagerfeld satin fan clutch, 1980s, offered by 035 Vintage

Hermès Birkin bag, 21st century, offered by Mighty Chic, and Jane Birkin, Rome, 1974, by an unknown photographer, offered by QVINT

Bowie Pulling Off Mask, 1973, by Mick Rock, offered by Taschen, and Iman’s Hands, New York, 1982, by Harry Benson, offered by Staley Wise Gallery

Richard Burton, 1953, by Bob Willoughby, offered by Beetles + Huxley, and Elizabeth Taylor, 1983, by Francesco Scavullo, offered by RoGallery

Self-Portrait, 1936, by Man Ray, offered by Dada, and Self-Portrait Denmark, 1961, by Imogen Cunningham, offered by Lumière

Untitled (Portrait of a Lady in Yellow Postcard), ca. 1995, by Sol LeWitt, offered by Fred Giampietro, and pottery charger with portrait of King William III, ca. 1689, offered by John Howard

Trump Bankruptcy Portrait, 21st century, by Geoffrey Stein, offered by the Lionheart Gallery, and Hillary Clinton with Land-O-Lakes Cap, 1990s, by an unknown photographer, offered by Phyllis Lucas Gallery

Pixels of My Portrait 2, 2016, by Noor Ali Chagani, offered by Leila Heller Gallery, and Self-Portrait, 1995, by Chuck Close, offered by G.W. Einstein Co., Inc.


For a bumper crop of potential mates, earthy types need look no further.

Romeo and Juliet, both 2010, by Joseph Keller, offered by Phyllis Lucas Gallery

The Physiology of Taste, 1994, by Wayne Thiebaud, offered by Ursus Books & Prints, and Fornasetti tray, 1950s, offered by Patrick Parish

Charles Perdew crow decoy, 1930s, offered by American Primitive Gallery, and Maple Seed, 2012, by Jerry Freedner, offered by Carrie Haddad Gallery

Turkey and ham bone glass flasks, 1880, offered by Foundwell, and ceramic cucumber flask, ca. 1780, offered by Susan Silver Antiques

Milk, 2014, by Manzur Kargar, offered by Isabella Garrucho Fine Art, and Carl Auböck leather and opaque-glass jug, 1950s, offered by Sigmar

Jean Didier Debut bronze bull sculpture, ca. 1860, offered by Monumenta Historica, and Staffordshire farmer and bull figurine, ca. 1820, offered by John Howard

Raymond Barton potato baker, ca. 1937, offered by Lush Life Antiques, and Seven Pears, ca. 2014, by Stephanie Chubbuck, offered by Lanoue Gallery

Fertility, 1939, by Grant Wood, offered by Ernst Fine Arts & Prints Inc., and Karl Lagerfeld Pearl Corn brooch, 1980s, offered by Vintage Luxury


Where’s the beefcake? Here and on Grindr, an online meeting place for men where it’s all on display.

Torso 2, 1980, by Andy Warhol, offered by Hedges Projects, and Meat, 2013, by Cornelius Volker, offered by Hosfelt Gallery

Duayne Hatchett totem, ca. 1965, offered by Lost City Arts, and David Michelak, 1987, by Greg Gorman, offered by Hohmann

Flared Bottoms, 2015, by James Rieck, offered by Lyons Wier Gallery, and gold intaglio ring, 1790, offered by Simon Teakle

Desnudo Masculino (Nude Male), 2005, by Alejandro Rosemberg, offered by Osuna Art & Antiques, and transparent retort, early 19th century, offered by Antik Arte & Scienza

Headlock, 1941, by William Littlefield, offered by Renaissance Man Antiques, and Two Boys On A Beach, 1939, by Paul Cadmus, offered by Ernst S. Kramer Fine Arts & Prints, Inc.

Standing Man with Weight Bar, date unknown, by Mark Beard, offered by Carrie Haddad Gallery, and Silver Torso, 1997, by Xawery Wolski, offered by Lions Gallery

Martin Bontoux hand-painted porcelain plate, ca. 1940s, offered by Gauchet & Gauchet, and Lehman Bros. Anniversary Medal, 1950, by Arthur Lee, offered by Renaissance Man Antiques

Horst Torso, Paris, 1931, 1931, by George Hoyningen-Huene, offered by Staley Wise Gallery, and Iggy Pop Raw Power Cover, 1972, by Mick Rock, offered by Taschen

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