Danil Pan Discusses ‘A Strange World’

"A Strange World” may be an apt way to describe the newly emerged crypto art space that has taken the art world by storm.

Meet the Artist: Mvhma

We asked Mahima to answer a few questions about her background, process and art career so far.

Meet the Artist: Karl Poyzer

For the in-house curated exhibition “Escapism: A World Beyond Worlds” by 1stDibs, artist Karl Poyzer creates vast dystopian scenes inspired by science fiction and cinematography.

Meet the Artist: Hidden Forces

“Aesthetically Sound,” an in-house curated exhibition for the 1stDibs NFT platform, contemplates the junction of music and art on the internet.

Meet the Artist: OgiWorlds

We asked Ogi to answer a few questions about his backstory, art practice and experience with NFTs as a medium.

Meet the Artist: Jessica Ticchio

Her body of work, inspired by minimalist art and sculpture, focuses on reinterpreting reality as a place of peace and contemplation.

PLS&TY Discusses ‘Oceans Lost’

PLS&TY, the brainchild of musician and audiovisual NFT creator Tommy Leas, has become an established figure in the world of live electronic music and now is a rising star in the NFT space. As his fans may already know, PLS&TY, which plays on Tommy’s name (PLS rhymes with Leas and the “T” and “Y” come from Tommy), produces upbeat music with strong pop melodies. Any listener would describe the sound as feel-good dance tunes that inspire and energize a crowd.

Meet the Artist: Swoon

“Metaglyphs,” an exhibition guest curated by established curator Katie Peyton-Hofstadter for 1stDibs, includes trailblazers of digital art and pioneers of transmedia and XR, which includes augmented, virtual and mixed-reality technologies. Of the 10 artists selected for the exhibition, we asked Swoon, to answer a few questions about her background and experience with NFTs so far. Swoon’s work centers on the transformative capacity of art as a catalyst for healing within communities experiencing crisis.

Meet the Artist: Richard Garet

The eponymous show exhibits 28 vibrant NFT works and explores the relationship between color, light, surface and form. Garet’s practice encompasses sound installations, performance, computer applications and other mediums.

Meet the Artist: Claudia Hart

Digital artist and professor Claudia Hart is a veteran of new media arts and a pioneer in experimental 3D application.
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