In ‘Flower Gang,’ Anna Condo Curates a Potent Bouquet of 100+ NFTs

The photographer and NFT advocate explains how technology can enhance the emotional power of flowers.

The Heady NFT Flowers in ‘BL00M’ Rival Nature’s Beauty — and Never Die

Ignasi Monreal headlines our latest NFT show, which is dedicated to the universe of flowers, as he and four other digital artists delve deep into our connection with nature.

Sparrow Read on ‘IDentity: (Self)-Made by Women’

In the traditional art world, female creators have used self-image as a source of empowerment in the face of injustice. Now, these ideas are spilling over into the metaverse. But can NFTs make things more equitable for women?

Jonathan Winbush on ‘The Conversation’

The Pittsburgh-born digital creative tells us about the new NFT show he curated on 1stDibs and why up-and-coming artists make the most interesting NFTs.

Danil Pan Discusses ‘A Strange World’

"A Strange World” may be an apt way to describe the newly emerged crypto art space that has taken the art world by storm.

Katie Peyton Hofstadter on ‘Metaglyphs’

These artworks are vessels that serve as a link between the familiar and the unknown. It’s the butterfly pinned to the board, and the butterfly rising above it. Not just the shark’s tooth, but its bite. — Katie Peyton Hofstadter

Mark Amerika on 1990s nettime and Today’s ‘nfttime’

Blockchain-based art doesn’t materialize in an art historical vacuum.

Richard Garet Discusses ‘Frame Compositions’

Digital artist Richard Garet explores formal elements of the digital canvas.

PLS&TY Discusses ‘Oceans Lost’

PLS&TY, the brainchild of musician and audiovisual NFT creator Tommy Leas, has become an established figure in the world of live electronic music and now is a rising star in the NFT space. As his fans may already know, PLS&TY, which plays on Tommy’s name (PLS rhymes with Leas and the “T” and “Y” come from Tommy), produces upbeat music with strong pop melodies. Any listener would describe the sound as feel-good dance tunes that inspire and energize a crowd.

Inside the Show — ‘Aesthetically Sound’

“Aesthetically Sound,” a curated exhibition for 1stDibs’ recently launched NFT marketplace, contemplates the junction of music and art on the internet.
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