Is Love a Myth? Basileus Looks for Answers in a New Exhibition

The NFT collector and now curator asked 24 artists to explore what he calls the “queen of emotions.”

The African NFT Community Is Transforming the Culture of Cryptoart

By amplifying the voices of Black creators, the collective is broadening the perception of who makes art in the metaverse.

Sarah Meyohas, of Bitchcoin Fame, Curates a Brilliant Show of Generative Art

Aesthetics, AI and algorithms come together in “Coded Elegance.” As its curator says, “The enjoyment you may draw from a generative-art NFT is really down to the craftsmanship of the code itself.”

‘Splash,’ Our One-Year Anniversary Show, Unites 12 Top-Selling Cryptoartists

1stDibs' NFT platform turns one this month! We're celebrating with fresh contributions by a dozen notable creators.

Trent’s Top 10 ‘Minty Fresh’ NFTs of the Month

For 1stDibs' latest exhibition, our editor selects 10 favorite newly minted NFTs from our marketplace.

Adamtastic Brings Together NFTs Created with the Spirit of ‘Uplift’ in Mind

Our newest exhibition features orange-tinted works by a global mix of artists with loads of talent.

Ryan Hawthorne on ‘Spotlight’

The curator of our latest NFT exhibition decentralizes the selection process by enlisting his fellow artists to cocurate.

In ‘Flower Gang,’ Anna Condo Curates a Potent Bouquet of 100+ NFTs

The photographer and NFT advocate explains how technology can enhance the emotional power of flowers.

The Heady NFT Flowers in ‘BL00M’ Rival Nature’s Beauty — and Never Die

Ignasi Monreal headlines our latest NFT show, which is dedicated to the universe of flowers, as he and four other digital artists delve deep into our connection with nature.

Sparrow Read on ‘IDentity: (Self)-Made by Women’

In the traditional art world, female creators have used self-image as a source of empowerment in the face of injustice. Now, these ideas are spilling over into the metaverse. But can NFTs make things more equitable for women?
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