Is Love a Myth? Basileus Looks for Answers in a New Exhibition

The NFT collector and now curator asked 24 artists to explore what he calls the “queen of emotions.”

You Purchased an NFT. But Do You Own the Intellectual Property? Maybe.

Major players in the crypto world have been tripped up by the ins and outs of this new area of the law. Here, two experts explain the basics.

The African NFT Community Is Transforming the Culture of Cryptoart

By amplifying the voices of Black creators, the collective is broadening the perception of who makes art in the metaverse.

Why Cutting-Edge Cryptoartists Are Going for Baroque

This maximalist art movement isn’t just for post-Renaissance showoffs. Today’s NFT creators are embracing the baroque, and digital tools make it easier (and more affordable) than ever to produce hyper-ornate forms.

What Is Ethereum’s Merge, and How Does It Affect Your NFTs?

Here’s what you need to know about The Merge and the impact it will have on the blockchain and cryptoart.

Sarah Meyohas, of Bitchcoin Fame, Curates a Brilliant Show of Generative Art

Aesthetics, AI and algorithms come together in “Coded Elegance.” As its curator says, “The enjoyment you may draw from a generative-art NFT is really down to the craftsmanship of the code itself.”

How to Invest in NFT Art

Here, we look at how and why cryptoart collectors get in the NFT game.

What Makes NFT Art Valuable?

From rarity to celebrity provenance, our guide looks at the non-tangible indicators of cryptoart value.
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5 Reasons to Collect Art

From discovering new mediums to supporting rising talents, there are many good motives for building a collection of meaningful works. Learn the hows and whys of art collecting with our guide.

‘Splash,’ Our One-Year Anniversary Show, Unites 12 Top-Selling Cryptoartists

1stDibs' NFT platform turns one this month! We're celebrating with fresh contributions by a dozen notable creators.
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