Sorry, Susan Grissom Icelandic Ash 3 2017 is not currently available.
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Grounded #51
Adam Nisenson
Resin, Epoxy Resin, Wood, Mixed Media, Encaustic, Acrylic, Magazine Paper
Los Angeles artist Adam Nisenson uses encaustic paint and pages from books to create subtly nuanced scenes of trees juxtaposed with text. His original, thought-provoking artworks urg...
Gerdine Duijsens
Lacquer, Steel, Wood
Gerhard Völkle was born 1953 in Lörrach, Germany and studied at the Kunstgewerbeschule Basel, Switzerland. His connection to the Spanish island Lanzarote and fascination with the u...
Once Upon a Time
Sheetal Agarwal
Canvas, Resin, Mixed Media, Spray Paint, Acrylic, Photographic Paper
Sheetal S Agarwal's monochrome mixed media artworks express a visual story. Her art explores themes such as memories, representations of reality and reflections on the nature of hist...
Tattoos by Bonnie and Clyde Sign
Drew Leshko
Enamel, Wire, Pastel, Archival Paper, Inkjet
"Tattoos by Bonnie and Clyde Sign" is a wall-hanging sculpture by American artist Drew Leshko measuring 13.5”h x 9.5”w x 0.75”d. It is made from paper, enamel, pastel, inkjet prints...
Get Lost
Lennard Schuurmans
Acrylic, Wood
"Get Lost" is an original text-based painting, done in a traditional hand-lettering style, by Lennard Schuurmans. The piece measures 31.5in x 3.5in and was painted on reclaimed wood....
What is Your Security Blanket?
Kelly Kozma
Thread, Paper
"What is Your Security Blanket?" is an original work by American artist Kelly Kozma. This hand-stitched embroidery on security envelope & blanket squares work ships in the pictured ...
Moral Panic
A.W. Sommers
Fabric, Thread
"Moral Panic" is an original hand-embroidered work on vintage velvet by A.W. Sommers measuring 15"h (including the rope for hanging) x 8"w. Sommers is a Brooklyn-based artist well-k...
Jim Houser
Acrylic, Wood Panel
"WHEN?" is an original acrylic collage on panel by Jim Houser measuring 5”h x 5”w. ABOUT // Jim Houser was born in 1973 in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, the city where he c...