Sorry, Tsuyu The weight of our wings 2014 is not currently available.
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Four Part Contemporary Wall Sculpture, Porcelai...
Rebecca Hutchinson
2010s Contemporary Still-life Sculptures
Ceramic, Clay, Porcelain, Organic Material, Paper, Mixed Media, Handmade...
Rebecca Hutchinson received her MFA from the University of Georgia, Athens and her BFA from Berea College. Her site specific works have been influenced by ecosystem dynamics and envi...
Whitby Sampler
Spencer Merolla
2010s Contemporary Still-life Sculptures
Resin, Paper, Cardboard
Spencer Merolla grew up in a drafty Victorian house north of New York City. She studied religion as an undergraduate before returning to her first love, visual art. She lives and wor...
Arozarena De La Fuente
2010s Contemporary Still-life Sculptures
Clay, Gesso, Resin, Plaster, Wood, Varnish, Acrylic
"Sometimes you are drowning in your own words" - Steve Maraboli Inspired by Maraboli´s famous phrase, this piece was hand made in the heart of Mexico City. It transmits the weight o...
Synthesized Via Massive Stars
Paige Smith (A Common Name)
21st Century and Contemporary Contemporary Abstract Sculptures
Acrylic, Resin, Silicone, Slate
Resin cast geodes and cracked slate in a wooden frame by Paige Smith. This piece measures 18in x 18in, with a depth of 1-5/8in. Paige Smith AKA A Common Name, is a multi-discipli...
Chandelier I
Adam Wallacavage
21st Century and Contemporary Contemporary Sculptures
Clay, Epoxy Resin, Spray Paint
This is an original sculptural work by Adam Wallacavage. This functioning octopus/tentacle illuminated chandelier measures 21”h x 19”w x 19”d. It is currently wired for use in the ...
ヘッジ (Hejji)
Zoë Williams
21st Century and Contemporary Contemporary Figurative Sculptures
Wool, Felt, Resin, Mixed Media
This is an original hand-felted wool sculpture by Zoë Williams with artist-made resin crystals. The piece itself measures 6" x 4" x 4.5" and ships in the pictured dome display which...
Do not resuscitate
Darla Jackson
21st Century and Contemporary Contemporary Figurative Sculptures
Gesso, Epoxy Resin, Plaster, Graphite
"Do not resuscitate" is a wall-hanging bird sculpture by Darla Jackson measuring 8”h x 4”w x 2.5”d. The piece is made from hydrocal, epoxy resin, game pieces, black gesso,...
Rain Harris
2010s Contemporary Figurative Sculptures
Title : Caveam Materials : Black Porcelain, Wood, Metal, and Resin Date : 2016 Dimensions : 13.75" x 15" x 15" Rain Harris uses her artistry with material to create a conversation b...

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