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With over 30 years in business, Adamar Fine Arts is a full service fine art gallery with a focus on Contemporary Pop Masters and leading mid career local and international artists. Located in the Miami Design District until a short time ago, the gallery is now open by appointment and features paintings, sculptures and works on paper along with large scale installations and sculptures.

Adamar Fine Arts

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Ernest Tino Trova
1970-1979 Post-Modern Figurative Sculptures
Stainless Steel
This high polished stainless steel man is one of the works Trova is most famous for. His walking men are in many museum and private collections. This work in life size is featured i...
Gretchen Minnhaar
2010- Contemporary Figurative Paintings
Silver, Gold Leaf, Epoxy Resin, Acrylic Paint
This metallic silver and gold 9 piece installation can be hung in any configuration or design. The city scene of abstracted people coming and going in various situations is both int...
Debbie Carfagno
2010- Contemporary Still-life Sculptures
Metal, Oil Paint
A unique aluminum cut out sculpture painted in oil paint brings fun and creativity to this beach scene. The sculpture sits on a brushed aluminum base.
Jean Dubuffet
1970-1979 Expressionist Figurative Prints
Canvas, Screen Print
This ceiling to floor large scale classic work in black and white is a masterpiece by one of the world's greatest artists. It has all of Dubuffet's iconic imagery and fills the canva...
Debbie Carfagno
21st Century Contemporary Paintings
Aluminum, Oil Paint
A three dimensional sculpture and painting that is both an indoor and outdoor work. This three layer hand painted aluminum work is distinctive and very unique. This all aluminum wor...
Zammy Migdal
21st Century Contemporary Abstract Sculptures
Polyurethane, Steel
This interactive installation allows the collector to plan their own design using these sophisticated elements made of steel or aluminum painted in polyurethane. This indoor or outdo...
Zammy Migdal
21st Century Abstract Sculptures
Polyurethane, Steel
This colorful installation are purchased by the element and can be designed to fit any size or design. These elements are inspired by the beautiful blue waters of the Caribbean. Th...
Jim Dine
2010- Pop Art Abstract Prints
Etching, Woodcut Print
This large very new work by Dine boasts his iconic hearts motif in a colorful and unique vision. This landscape is full of fun and frivolity. This cross over work between his hearts ...
Brad Howe
, 2016
Price Upon Request
Brad Howe
2010- Abstract Geometric Abstract Sculptures
Polyurethane, Stainless Steel
A standing unique colorful abstract sculpture in red, orange, green, and black, this fun yet engaging work both delights and amuses. One of California's premier sculptors, Brad Howe'...
Brad Howe
El Pinacito
, 2016
Price Upon Request
Brad Howe
2010- Pop Art Abstract Sculptures
Aluminum, Stainless Steel, Polyurethane
A bright colorful kinetic work done in blues, reds, purples, pinks and yellows, this fun standing mobile is a moving sculpture and a standing work all at once. The colorful elements...
Alex Katz
1970-1979 American Realist Figurative Prints
Screen Print
A 1979 work by one of America's greatest living great artists, this orange and brown work is both grand and stylish. It seems to relate to a bygone era of fashion and couture. Th...
James Yohe
1980-1989 Abstract Expressionist Abstract Paintings
Canvas, Acrylic Polymer
A large red center contrast the deep hues of blue and green in the powerful and beautiful original work on canvas by James Yohe. This early work by this famous artist of the 1980's a...

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