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French Art Deco Light Green Floral Rug 1930's
Vintage 1930-1939 France Art Deco Western European Rugs
The floral spray of roses arranged around an oval open field is a style that is frequently encountered in the work of many French Art Deco artists, from Edouard Benedictus to Paul Po...
Arts & Crafts Donegal Light Blue Wool Rug Attri...
Gavin Morton
Early 20th Century Ireland, Republic of Arts and Crafts Western European...
The Donegal carpet factory was responsible for the weaving of the most significant hand-knotted carpets of the Arts & Crafts period. Guided initially by British architect-designe...
Scandinavian Rya Abstract Wool Rug Circa 1950
Vintage 1950-1959 Finland Mid-Century Modern Russian and Scandinavian Rugs
Another unusual Finnish Rya, also distinguished by the fact that it is knotted by hand instead of being machine made. The weaver employed all her skills in mixing different shades of...
Scandinavian Rya Light Blue Rug Dated 1917
Early 20th Century Sweden Art Nouveau Russian and Scandinavian Rugs
An unusual hand-knotted Rya rug, dated 1917 and signed AA, with a sky blue open field framed by an ivory border decorated by geometric devices typical of Swedish Folk Art. Weavings s...
French Art Deco Wool Rug 1930's
Vintage 1930-1939 France Art Deco Western European Rugs
Displaying the flamboyance characteristic of true Art Deco weavings, this rug has a generously spaced centralized design which seem almost preparatory to a larger carpet. The soft pa...
French Art Nouveau Savonnerie Wool Rug 1910's
Early 20th Century France Art Nouveau Western European Rugs
Early Art Nouveau carpets display a decoration that is reminiscent of the late nineteenth century 'Second Empire' weavings of the Napoleon III period, yet with touches of innovation ...
Scandinavian Mid-Century Modern Wool Rya Rug
Vintage 1960-1969 Denmark Mid-Century Modern Western European Rugs
A whimsical Scandinavian carpet, characterized by a swirling centrifugal pattern of orange and brown shades typical of 1960 'Pop' design.
Wiener Werkstatte Wool Rug by Philipp Haas & So...
Philipp Haas & Shone
Early 20th Century Austria Vienna Secession Western European Rugs
Wool, Cotton
Designed in a quintessential Viennese secessionist style, this modernist carpet was woven at the Ebergassing workshop (near Vienna) of the famous Philipp Haas & Sohne company, wh...
Mid-Century Modern Bessarabian Kilim Rug
Vintage 1940-1949 Ukraine Mid-Century Modern Russian and Scandinavian Rugs
Woven in brown and grey tones, this unusual kilim is decorated by a geometric pattern distinctive of European modernist carpets rather than the more typical floral design. It is stur...
Mid-Century Modern Wool Moroccan Rug
Vintage 1960-1969 Morocco Mid-Century Modern Moroccan and North African ...
An unusual modernist carpet designed in Europe and commissioned to Morocco. Many Mid-Century Modern designers resorted to Morocco for some of their carpets as it provided a unique, t...
Square Bessarabian Kilim Wool Rug
Vintage 1950-1959 Ukraine Bessarabian Russian and Scandinavian Rugs
An elegant all-over design Bessarabian flat-weave from the Ukraine, distinguished by a rare square format.
Rare Pair of Antique Bessarabian Kilims Rug 1860's
Antique 19th Century Ukraine Bessarabian Russian and Scandinavian Rugs
The kilims known as 'Bessarabian' were woven in the Russian regions of Ukraine and Moldavia. Intended to satisfy the demands of the Russian aristocracy at a time where continental in...

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