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Pair of Brass and Cut Crystal Sputnik Wall Sconces
Bakalowits & Sohne
Vintage 1960-1969 Austria Mid-Century Modern Wall Lights and Sconces
Brass, Crystal
Dramatic and sparkling Sputnik wall sconces attributed to Bakalowits, Austria. The radiating spikes are laden with faceted crystals of different sizes. They are lit from behind, and ...
Lagardo Tackett Two Sided Cookie Jar with Faces...
Lagardo Tackett, Lagardo Tackett
Vintage 1950-1959 United States Mid-Century Modern Ceramics
This amusing ceramic cookie jar designed by Lagardo Tackett has an opening on each side. The lids of the two openings are made of wood and painted with clownish, smiling faces. Their...
White Porcelain Serving Fork and Spoon
Harold and Trudi Sitterle, Sitterle Ceramics
Vintage 1950-1959 United States Mid-Century Modern Serving Pieces
Long, white porcelain serving fork and spoon set. The ends of the handles have holes for hanging. The stylized fork has a short saw tooth edge, like a "spork". This des...
Electric Wall Clock by George Nelson Associates...
Howard Miller, George Nelson & Associates
Vintage 1950-1959 United States Mid-Century Modern Wall Clocks
Electric wall clock designed circa 1950 by George Nelson Associates for Howard Miller with a masonite face, numbers resembling push pins, and a birch frame.  
D. Peterson Ceramic Pitcher and Cups Set, 1956
D. Peterson
Vintage 1950-1959 United States Mid-Century Modern Ceramics
This handmade ceramic pitcher and cups set has classically simple forms. The glaze treatment is wonderfully irregular, embracing the spontaneity of the process. The darker glaze on t...
Ceramic Platter by Lee Rosen for Design Technics
Design Technics, Lee Rosen
Vintage 1940-1949 United States Mid-Century Modern Ceramics
This ceramic platter by Lee Rosen for Design Technics is a functional decorative art object. It's lovely to look at, and it also makes an excellent serving plate or tray. The hand pa...
Leon Rosen for Pace Swivel Lounge Chair
Pace Collection, Leon Rosen
Vintage 1970-1979 United States Mid-Century Modern Swivel Chairs
Swivel lounge chair designed by Leon Rosen for The Pace collection. The cylindrical pedestal base is clad in chrome-plated metal. Because the chrome reflects the surface on which the...
Wastebasket Designed by Seymour Robins for Sond...
Seymour Robins, Sondra Kay Interiors
Vintage 1950-1959 United States Mid-Century Modern Decorative Baskets
Grasscloth, Iron
This wastebasket that was designed by Seymour Robins for Sondra Kay Interiors is an interesting combination of elements: the Industrial iron wire with the natural woven grasscloth, t...
Ben Seibel for Raymor Two Shade Table Lamp
Raymor, Ben Seibel
Vintage 1950-1959 United States Mid-Century Modern Table Lamps
This versatile table lamp was designed by Ben Seibel, circa 1951, and sold through Raymor. The long arms have pivoting ball and socket joints at both the base ends and the points of ...
Wood Nutcracker Designed by Carl Auböck III
Carl Auböck, Werkstätte Carl Auböck
Vintage 1950-1959 Austria Mid-Century Modern Barware
This nutcracker by Carl Auböck III by is a simply elegant design. The wooden sides feel very nice in hand, and the ebony and maple contrast and complement each other. The springy hi...
Sand Cast Wall Sculpture of a Bird on a Branch ...
George Nelson
Vintage 1950-1959 United States Mid-Century Modern Wall-mounted Sculptures
This whimsical bird wall sculpture is a charmer. It is sand cast with the stylized details in low relief and embedded with softly worn, beach pebbles. It stands with skinny wire legs...
Fused Glass Wall Pocket Vase by Michael and Fra...
Michael and Frances Higgins, Higgins Glass
Vintage 1960-1969 United States Mid-Century Modern Decorative Art
Art Glass
This colorful, fused glass wall pocket was made at the Higgins Glass Studio. It is likely one of Michael's designs since it utilizes pieces of colored glass arranged between sheets o...

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