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Welcome to the online storefront for Smith & Robinson Antiques which showcases a selection of our rare & wonderful objects. Our focus is, for the most part, offering a unique collection of antique objects of only the finest quality. Our items convey a sense of character, personality & style whilst boasting variety; this ensures they appeal to both him & her.

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Early 20th Century Silver and Guilloche Enamel Photograph Frame, France
Early 20th Century Silver and Guilloche Enamel ...
Vintage 1910s French Picture Frames
Silver, Enamel
An early 20th century silver and Guilloche enamel photograph frame in the form of a four leaf clover. This beautiful enameled piece retains its translucent, the actual silver work o...
Pair of Art Deco Silver and Guilloche Enamel Candlesticks, Birmingham, 1920
Pair of Art Deco Silver and Guilloche Enamel Ca...
Charles Clark
Vintage 1920s English Art Deco Candlesticks
Sterling Silver, Enamel
A pair of Art Deco silver and guilloche enamel candlesticks origin England Date: Birmingham, 1920. Maker: Charles Clark The beautiful blue enamel makes these candleholders Stand ...
Patchwork Stone Specimen Box, Italian, circa 1930
Patchwork Stone Specimen Box, Italian, circa 1930
Vintage 1930s Italian Decorative Boxes
A colorful patchwork stone specimen box, Italian, circa 1930. Excellent quality both on the exterior and interior which is lined with black onyx and as can be seen the exterior st...
Art Nouveau Silver and Enamel Candlesticks, London, 1909
Art Nouveau Silver and Enamel Candlesticks, Lon...
William Hutton & Sons
Early 20th Century British Art Nouveau Candle Holders
Enamel, Silver
An exceptional pair of Art Nouveau silver and enamel candlesticks by William Hutton dated London 1909. The enamel decoration is on both sides of each candlestick. The silver base o...
Late 19th Century Ice Bucket and Wine Bottle Ho...
Hukin and Heath
Antique 1890s English Barware
Silver Plate, Wood
A late 19th century ice bucket and wine bottle holder by Hukin & Heath dedicated to East Lothian Golf Club, circa 1890. The bottle cooler and holder set have a simulated bark design...
20th Century Silver Cigar and Cigarette Box by ...
Mappin & Webb
Antique Early 1900s English Cigar Boxes and Humidors
Sterling Silver, Cedar
20th century silver cigar and cigarette box by maker Mappin & Webb date London 1905. The exterior has scrolled enamel decoration. It has a central carrying handle which divides the t...
Three Large 20th Century Art Deco Perfume Bottl...
Moser Glassworks
Vintage 1920s Art Deco Bottles
Three Large 20th century Art Deco perfume bottles by maker Moser, stamped on base of each piece Origin Czechoslovakia Date circa 1925-1930 This Beautiful quality set is in pure Ar...
Large Mid-20th Century Globe Champagne or Wine ...
Vintage 1970s Italian Mid-Century Modern Wine Coolers
Silver Plate, Glass
A large mid-20th century globe champagne or wine cooler Italian, circa 1970. This modernist piece is beautiful quality, the glass is surprisingly heavy with a ripple effect and the ...
Antique English Silver Photograph Frame with Si...
Antique 1890s English Picture Frames
Silver, Glass
Antique English silver photograph frame with signs of the zodiac Date London, 1899. This cast silver surround and wings are beautiful quality the front has a disc of Bristol Blue...
Hungarian Ceramic Tile Picture Depicting Athlet...
Vintage 1950s Hungarian Mid-Century Modern Ceramics
Hungarian mid-20th century ceramic tile picture depicting athletics, made by Zsolnay, circa 1956 -1964.   
Very Large and Impressive Pair of Horn and Silv...
Early 20th Century British Barware
Horn, Silver
A pair of oversized Horn beakers mounted in silver, not so much for drinking but at 10" tall would look great in a men's room as a decorative &/or collectible addition. Both have a ...
Large 20th Century Hardwood Globe Match Striker...
Alfred Wolff
Vintage 1930s English More Desk Accessories
Large and rare 20th century hardwood globe match striker with a silver collar date Birmingham 1933 by maker Alfred Wolff.

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