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Welcome to the online storefront for Smith & Robinson Antiques which showcases a selection of our rare & wonderful objects. Our focus is, for the most part, offering a unique collection of antique objects of only the finest quality. Our items convey a sense of character, personality & style whilst boasting variety; this ensures they appeal to both him & her.

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Hungarian Ceramic Tile Picture Depicting Athletes Made by Zsolnay, circa 1960
Hungarian Ceramic Tile Picture Depicting Athlet...
Vintage 1950s Hungarian Mid-Century Modern Ceramics
Hungarian mid-20th century ceramic tile picture depicting athletics, made by Zsolnay, circa 1956 -1964.   
Very Large and Impressive Pair of Horn and Silver Beakers, English, circa 1890
Very Large and Impressive Pair of Horn and Silv...
Early 20th Century British Barware
Horn, Silver
A pair of oversized Horn beakers mounted in silver, not so much for drinking but at 10" tall would look great in a men's room as a decorative &/or collectible addition. Both have a ...
Large 20th Century Hardwood Globe Match Striker with Silver Collar, 1933
Large 20th Century Hardwood Globe Match Striker...
Alfred Wolff
Vintage 1930s English More Desk Accessories
Large and rare 20th century hardwood globe match striker with a silver collar date Birmingham 1933 by maker Alfred Wolff.
Large 20th Century Scandinavian Art Deco Silver & Enamel Bowl circa 1930
Large 20th Century Scandinavian Art Deco Silver...
David Andersen
Vintage 1930s Norwegian Art Deco Decorative Bowls
Silver, Enamel
A beautifully quality object by David Andersen both in the silver & fine enamel decoration which gives the appearance of fine rings to both the bowl & cover the darker green to the f...
Mid-20th Century 5-Piece Coffee Set Entitled Ge...
Vintage 1970s French Mid-Century Modern Tea Sets
Silver Plate
Created by Henri Bouihet (born 1931) at the time he designed this piece he was director of the design department at Christofle. Metal silver plate also with original tray The s...
Large Early 20th century Morocco Leather and Si...
Antique 1890s British Late Victorian Picture Frames
Sterling Silver, Leather
A very large and beautiful antique Morocco leather and silver-mounted picture frame dated London, 1897 by Thornhill & Co. London. All the corners are silver-mounted, complete wit...
Pure Art Deco Crocodile Desk Set, circa 1925
Kirby Beard & Co.
Vintage 1920s English Art Deco Desk Sets
Pure Art Deco crocodile desk set comprising of large desk folder and letter rack, and a rocking blotter, circa 1925 The beautiful curved edges to all the pieces give it elegance. ...
Royal Blue Silver and Enamel Photograph Frame, ...
Vintage 1930s English Art Deco Picture Frames
Sterling Silver, Enamel
A Royal blue silver and enamel photograph frame date circa 1936-1938 This sterling silver frame has the look of the late Art Deco period with not quite the depth of enameling as the...
Early 20th Century Silver and Guilloche Enamel ...
Vintage 1910s French Picture Frames
Silver, Enamel
An early 20th century silver and Guilloche enamel photograph frame in the form of a four leaf clover. This beautiful enameled piece retains its translucent, the actual silver work o...
Beautiful Quality Sterling Silver and Guilloche...
Vintage 1920s French Collectible Jewelry
Sterling Silver, Enamel
A beautiful quality sterling silver and guilloche enamel ladies purse, circa 1920. The exterior is finest quality enamel, when pressing the clip down on the centre section it reve...
Novelty Art Deco Ice Bucket in the Form of a Pa...
Vintage 1930s Austrian Art Deco Barware
Silver Plate, Glass
Novelty Art Deco ice bucket in the form of a Parakeet, Austria, circa 1930. This is a very unusual subject and well made not only the lid but also the plated lower rim section wh...
Impressive Giant Silver Goliath Clock, circa 19...
Vintage 1910s Italian Table Clocks and Desk Clocks
A giant Goliath clock in the form of a pocket watch in its own silver customized case with easel support. This item was made for the European market and features a numbered face rat...

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