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Hendricks Churchill

Hendricks Churchill

Sharon, CT

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About Hendricks Churchill

Hendricks Churchill is an architecture and interior design studio working with a holistic approach to design. Our process and culture are accessible, authentically human, and grounded in reality and in the landscapes our designs inhabit. Rooted in the rigor of research and tradition, our process is also intuitive and fresh, creating work that is emotionally resonant and deeply personal. Whether reimagining a new home or renovating a historic property, our design is never formulaic yet remains consistent in its historical accuracy, modern relevance, fine craftsmanship, and contextual suitability. A traditional approach is complemented by warmth, patina, and a quiet sense of play.

Our unpretentious, richly layered designs are the result of a clear vision and detailing that give rise to seductive spaces imbued with beauty, comfort, and individual character. Before we immerse ourselves in the design process, we initiate honest conversations about costs and a relative scope of work. Having worked in the industry for decades and adapted to the ever-fluctuating economy, we understand the importance of financial literacy and responsible planning. A well-planned project will yield an enjoyable process that promises success in both design and execution.