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Set of 4 Perforated Steel Chairs

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  • Set of Italian Patio Chairs in Green Lacquered Steel
    Located in Waalwijk, NL
    Dining patio chairs, lacquered steel, Italy, 1960s This collection of patio chairs from Italy has a strikingly refined design that is emblematic of the quintessential Italian patio ...

    Vintage 1960s Italian Mid-Century Modern Chairs



  • Chairs Set 4 Philippe
    Located in Eversholt, Bedfordshire
    - Classic contemporary design using new materials and production methods. - The transparency gives a versatility and spaciousness in the historic and modern interior. - Pair and juxtapose beautifully with antique furniture and historic interiors. - The light weight and stackability means that they can be moved around and stored easily. - The material used makes the chair suitable for indoor and outdoor use, and it will not lose its transparency from exposure to UV rays. -The first completely transparent chair...

    20th Century Italian Post-Modern Chairs



  • Set of 2 Boomerang Chair, Black by Pepe Albargues
    By Pepe Albargues
    Located in Geneve, CH
    Set of 2 Boomerang chair, Black by Pepe Albargues Dimensions: W 54, D 54, H 76, Seat 46 Materials: Paint coated iron structure / gold / copper or chromed iron structure Plywood ba...

    2010s Spanish Post-Modern Chairs



  • Set of Six Braided Rope and Metal Outdoor Chairs
    Located in Tourcoing, FR
    Set of six design outdoor chairs with lacquered metal structure and rope weave. Robustness and lightness, high quality resistant and soft touch, so poetic, so aerial and design.

    21st Century and Contemporary French Post-Modern Patio and Garden Furniture



  • Set of 4 Enameled Indoor / Outdoor Post-Modern Stacking Shell Chairs
    Located in Los Angeles, CA
    Set of 4 enameled indoor / outdoor post-modern stacking shell chairs. Neat design. Very robust and comfortable.

    Vintage 1980s American Post-Modern Chairs



  • Stitch your own Steel Hanging Swing Chair
    By Joanina and David Pastoll
    Located in Johannesburg, ZA
    The Embroidery cross stitch hanging chair swing seat is ideal for ‘chilling’ in and just hanging out. Embroider a personalised cross stitch pattern from one of the many we give you...

    2010s South African Post-Modern Patio and Garden Furniture


    Stainless Steel

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